Black Kettle from the tea gardens of Assam

Chai – whether your day can’t start without it, like it kadak, are an occasional sip, the high tea frenzy or fresh iced tea on a hot summers day; irrespective of your allegiance its sure you can’t get away with a cup. And with some of the finest tea gardens are located at Darjeeling, there is a brand that delivers full bodies, authentic flavors right from the sprawling tea gardens – Black Kettle.


Peppy Packaging by Black Kettle

Tried their Kashmiri kahwa and Peppermint chai and was blown away.
Kashmiri Kahwa is a traditional Kashmiri drink with saffron and chopped nuts that really warms you up. These tea leaves were just right complete with whole fragrant spices, saffron and almond shavings. Best with sugar and a little bit milk, I tried it black and that was pretty good too.

Kashmiri Kahwa complete with saffron, cardamom and almond shavings

Peppermint chai – a super refreshing piece with a minty after taste, this should be your go to cup after a long day at work.

So, go ahead and order your stash of favourite chai from Black Kettle.