Farm Naturelle Honey

We don’t really pay much heed to the kind of honey we consume, but apart from being a natural sweetener and having innumerable healthy qualities, it is very important to use the right kind of honey. A lot of brands claim to be organic but still have some amount of sugar additives. Farm Naturelle honey is one brand that I have been using for years now and it is as organic and natural as they come.
The honey comes packed in glass bottles cutely topped with embroidered laces and ribbons. The six flavors might raise some questions in your head about addition of flavours but the honey is crafted with such finesse that each flavour is extracted from a different flower and each with a distinctive taste – Litchi, Jungle, Jamun, Wild Berries, Acacia and Eucalyptus.

You can choose from the light Litchi or the full bodied Jamun or the newly launched Acacia and Wild Berry. They also have a range of healthy wheatgrass and aloe vera juices, mustard oil, cold pressed ground nut oil and herbs.

So go ahead and order their excellent farm fresh products.
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