Breakfast love @Uzzuri Deli

I recently came across this picture.


And it kind of reminded me that it had been quite a long time since I went out and gorged on delicious eggs and oh yeah, bacon!

We made a plan quickly and decided upon Uzzuri Deli. The place can conveniently be spotted on Janpath. Just as you enter the deli you are charmed by hexagonal fixtures on the wall and roof. The pretty, quaint cafe is easy on the eyes, offers a beautiful breakfast buffet and has stunning monochrome framed pictures on their walls. The pretty salmon pink and floral print couches and high chairs add to the lovely ambiance. The wooden staircase leads upstairs to the cocktail bar.

We were handed over the menu bound on a wooden board and we quickly sifted through and ordered an English breakfast with masala omelette, a portion of French toast, a cappuccino and a cafe mocha.

Our coffee came first, made to perfection that gave us just the right caffeine high to begin our day!



Cappuccino and cafe mocha.

Next came our breakfast trays – the French toast sprinkled over with castor sugar. The soft toasted toasts dipped in eggs and the slight sweetness made for quite a start.


The English breakfast came looking like quite a piece of art. Toast, eggs to order – a masala omelette in our case, grilled mushrooms, grilled tomato, hash browns, chicken sausages and bacon (YUM!). The omelette was power packed – delicious, soft, moist and very palatable. The bacon felt slightly chewy and could have been a little more softer; the hash browns a little less flavoursome. The mushrooms were brilliant – lightly sauteed, tossed with freshly ground pepper which gave it a very distinct and savory.


A completely delish experience – the eggs are highly recommended.

Find the deli here.