Breakfast at Celeste

Breakfast at Celeste, Taj Falaknuma Palace is just as fancy and royal an affair as is the rest of the Palace. The breakfast is served in Celeste – the Italian restaurant housed in the Palace. You can also choose to sit on the terrace and enjoy the view of the city as you wake up to it. A beautiful bird’s eye view of the city from the balcony. Topped with perfect weather, a lily on the table with French condiments – jam preserves and butter.

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Start your day with one of their fresh juices – watermelon, pineapple, orange – take your pick.

Breakfast at Celeste

Pineapple juice

Breakfast at Celeste

The very satiating watermelon juice


The breakfast starts with a portion of freshly baked croissants – white and brown.


Fruit, Cheese, and Bakes

Next up is the three tiers of accompaniments. Loaded with fresh cut fruits, a variety of cheese and crackers and bakes. Doughnuts, danish pastry, muffin, cookies, slices, and tarts.

Unlike other luxury hotels that indulge in a buffet menu, they have a carefully made up menu with Italian, American and desi Charminar favorites.


Eggs hollandaise “Falaknuma” style.  Poached eggs on a toast drizzled over with creamy, delicious hollandaise sauce with spinach and smoked salmon. Add on some bacon and sausages for the extra meaty affair.

Breakfast at CelesteBreakfast at Celeste


Waffles with maple syrup, whipped cream, and fresh cut fruits. The chefs are happy to customize your meals for you. I wanted a smaller portion and they were happy to do that for me. The waffles were crispy and oh so delectable.

Breakfast at Celeste

More on order

Their scrambled eggs come with potato wedges and a piece of toasted, soft bread. The eggs were so so moist and cooked to a perfect consistency.

Breakfast at Celeste

Mediterranean platter. Beans, eggs and fattoush salad. 2 boiled eggs with curried beans and healthy salad makes for a perfect dose of good health.

Breakfast at Celeste

Hyderabad Specials

The palace offers two of Hyderabad’s desi favorites – keema parantha and paaya nihari. The paaya nihari comes with a fermented, flavored bread and a spicy nihari. The curry is done with traditional spices and the paaya was cooked down to be juicy and succulent.

Breakfast at Celeste

Tantalizing minced meat with whole spices and layered paratha and potato and brinjal cooked to a slightly sweet whip.

Breakfast at Celeste

Get your caffeine hit – cold coffee, cappuccino, french press.

Breakfast at Celeste

Finish off your meal by detoxing fresh vegetable smoothies – cucumber, beetroot, papaya and lime, carrot and ginger and tomato.

You have to experience their hospitality and warmth for your own accord, so visit them soon.

Food tripping through Hyderabad. 

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