Chatter all the way

Chatter House made quite an impression when they first opened up at Epicuria, Nehru Place. The old school Victorian themed bar with bar stools and couches and a real brick fired oven set it apart from its contemporaries at the Foodmall and I can’t remember the times I dined there. Chatter house at Khan Market made a jostle with their blue cheese naan and dal makhni shots and Irish pub ambiance.

Couches spread across beautiful round windows, retro music, framed band posters against a red brick ambiance giving it an extra rustic tinge. They also have a special breakfast menu on weekends giving you another reason to visit them. Read more here.

For drinks I tried their Adult milkshakes – Cookie Monster was a monstrous piece of art – vanilla infused vodka, chocolate liqueur, dark chocolate, oreo cookie crumbs and ice cream.


Also tried their Black Russian  which was a pretty good but nothing compared to the cookie monster.


We started our extensive lunch with dahi ke kebab – a dish very much in vogue for a couple of seasons now. It is rather difficult to get the consistency and balance of crunchiness and creamy texture right. This one was spot on – crispy on the outside and a creamy rich texture with a strong cashew flavor on the inside.


Galauti kebab and ulte tawe ka parantha – the lacey lamb kebabs designed for the toothless king melted in the mouth in an instant. Served with the ulte tawe ka parantha, which could have bee a little better. Personally I like warqi parantha with its slight sweet crunchy coating a better companion for the flavorsome kebabs.


Garden in a bowl – a yoghurt base churned together with eggplant and olive residue, crunchy seasonal vegetables stood upright and beautiful in the soil of dressing. Served with slices of fresh bread, this was truly a delightful and novel preparation.


Bacon wrapped mac and cheese – classic mac cheese wrapped in crispy bacon drizzled over with mustard. The bite sized appetizing bacon goodies, this is sure to be an artery clogger but boy, oh boy, was it divine.


Blue cheese naan served with dal makhni shots – the dish that revolutionized the restaurant and became the mascot of ChatterHouse at Khan Market. Now, I am not the biggest fan of blue cheese, so I didn’t relish this dish as much, but the baby naans stuffed with cheese topped with pineapple served with rich creamy dal makhni made for a luscious starter.


Kerala style chilli buff toasties – buff pieces marinated with coconut milk and chilli toasted with oodles of cheese and served with house salad. The underlying coconut milk flavor made for a very interesting toastie. PS – eat it while it is still hot.


Keema  Pao – Spicy lamb keema slow cooked and served with buttered crispy pao.


Chicken toastadas – crispy toastadas topped with chicken, cheese, sour cream and served with salsa. The crunchy chilli tortillas were pretty good but would have worked better with a bit more sour cream.


Chicken chorizo croquettes – chicken chorizo sausages panko crusted and fried to perfection. A bit too much of a fried starter, the chorizo croquettes were just about okay.


Piggy and gilly – an ecstatic meat lover’s haven – slow cooked briased pork belly and prawn aglio olio tapered with sweet chilli sauce. Topped with rocket leaves, the pork belly was well cooked and the fresh prawns made for a very unusual combination.

Almond citrus salad – sweetlime, lettuce, olives, rocket leaves and whole almonds. The salad was simply whipped out of nothing but was completely delectable.


Margherita and butter chicken pizza – the thin crust pizza done half and half between margherita and butter chicken. This was not one of the free flowing soft crust but one of the crunchy pies. The butter chicken part glazed over with curry and cream and the classic margherita with cheese.


Chatter House Shepherd’s Pie – Lamb ragout topped with mashed potatoes and served with a side of bread. Baked piping hot, this is one of the signature dishes – mashed potatoes lined up with a spicy lamb ragout. The lamb was a bit too salty which slightly marred the dish.


We rounded up the meal with apple crumble pie. Warm apple pie with a buttery crumble and museli topped with ice cream. Again, one of the favorites at Chatter House, the crunchy layers with warm apple pie and cool ice cream savory at its best.


Chatter House has some wonderful things to offer – I suggest their Adult milk shakes, dahi ke kebab, bacon wrapped mac and cheese and piggy and gilly.

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