Chopsticks and Cha at DimCha

Epicuria has extended itself adding so many more exciting and enticing options and one of them is DimCha – a cute dimsum and cha boutique. They offer house crafted dimsums and a variety of herbal teas against a laid back ambiance. The place is not huge but is done most exquisitely. The place is given a relaxed feel by blue and white tiles, garden chairs and couches. The tables are armed with top notch chopsticks and miniature Coke bottles holding sauces and a gorgeous Lily livening it up. They also have an outdoors seating area with lush greens and teak.

A masterchef class with Chef Anil whipping up salads and wrapping Sui Mai dimsums and tastings of some exemplary dimsums and other Asian fanfare.

We started off with some refreshing mocktails.

Dimcha (16)

The mint kiwi cooler was a little too high on the mint and little less on the kiwi flavor but very refreshing none the less.

Kiwi mint cooler

The kafir lime cooler was my favorite!

kafir lime cooler

The first course included soups – the baa-mee was a broth with slurrpy noodles and vegetables.

baa mee soup

The Khao Suey was pretty nicely done with the right amount of coconut milk, noodles and peanuts.

khao suey

The raw papaya salad was very refreshing – again, the use of peanuts against the crunchy papaya was very appetizing.

raw papaya salad

One of the most interesting appetizers I had was undoubtedly the Red Turnip Cake – turnip, a not so loved vegetable was fried and tossed in crispies and was absolutely palatable.

red turnip cakered turnip cake (2)

Coming to their hand-crafted, beautifully done dimsums – the dimsums are done with colored skins, carrot, beetroot and the like, employing the freshest of stuffings.

kenya bean dumpling

Kenya bean dumpling.


Mix veg dimsum

The chicken dimsum in hoisin sauce was very delightful – soft skinned and stuffed with well-cooked chicken and served in a bowl of hoisin sauce. The sweetness of the sauce definitely brought out the flavors of the dimsums very well.

chicken in hoisin sauce

My favourite dimsums however were the prawn dumplings – the beautiful red colour given to the dumplings using beetroot, the dimsums were stuffed with succulent, fresh prawns.

prawn dumplings

You absolutely cannot miss their prawn dumplings among other dimsums that they offer, visit them for your next laid back chopstick and chai expeditions.

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