Squared up at Wendy’s

Bacon. Shakes. Dips. Wendy’s was the first QSR chain to launch bacon as a part of their regular menu offering a huge leap to meat lovers. Another big leap that the brand took was their crockery – you get to eat your meal in china instead of out of a cardboard box. Their baconator and bacon and cheese fries have been the talk of the town for quite some time and they recently launched an outlet at DLF Cyber City.

The place has a raw, rustic feel with graffiti cemented walls, teak tables, fixtures and lamps. Like most QSRs these days, you order on the counter and your order is served on your table. Wendy’s offers the most exquisite variety of sauces – ketchup, chilli ketchup, ghost chili, tzatziki and garlic aioli. You can either use them as a side dip or customize your burger with the dressing of your choice.My favourites were the very refreshing tzatziki and garlic aioli.

We ordered a Baconator meal with cheesy bacon fries and coke, a greek mutton burger and a coffee shake.

The bacon and cheese fries have been so, so popularized that I had pretty high expectations from the dish. The ensemble however was pretty disappointing, limpy fries drizzled over with molten cheese and a meagre crackling bacon pieces. The fries did not impress much but the good part was yet to come. The baconator – chicken patty, lined with a slice of cheese, crispy bacon and dip in some garlic aioli and it is totally sinful.

baconator (3)baconator (2)

We also tried their Greek Mutton burger which was absolutely delish. A square juicy mutton patty with a refreshing dressing, lettuce and onions. Customize it with some tzatziki to give it that extra kick.

greek mutton

Their coffee shake was a real thirst quencher – Icy cold coffee at its classic best!

Coffee shake

So next time you are looking for some off beat burgers, Wendy’s should be your go-to place and of course the meat lovers  should try their signature baconator but also, the Greek mutton is worth it for its unique zests.
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