Ciclo Cafe rides into Gurgaon

(n). Ciclo Cafe {chik-lo}
Ciclo Cafe brings cyclists and the community together under one roof with an ode to bicycles. Riding from Chennai and Hyderabad, Ciclo has made it’s debut at Sector 29, Gurgaon and is creating a lot of buzz already. Painted in shades of white with pops of yellow, the cafe vibe brings you to life with their quirks and passion. Employing recycled bicycle parts all over the interiors, saddles as wall decor, wheels fitted as light fixtures, my favourite one was the wall with painted bells. You can rent bikes or purchase a professional bike fr the cafe itself. They have an in-house expert to guide you through the process.

They constantly work to bring the cyclist community together and hold bike rides ending in a sumptuous breakfast at the cafe. And they are all set to bring the community together in Gurgaon as well and a for a fitter lifestyle.
Coming as a much needed breather in a market full of breweries, Ciclo serves class apart delicacies and their freak shakes and droolworthy.
Onion rings – unlike the mainstream onion rings, these are breaded rings, panko fried topped with a dab of creamy goodness and herbs.
Ciclo Cafe (1)
Mini Vada pav with teekha chutney – Dig burger sliders? How about something closer to home. Flavorsome vadas crunched between cocktail pav and served with a teekha mint chutney and Mirchi vada.
Ciclo Cafe (2)
Boneless chicken wings – a deconstructed version of classic chicken wings, these come as bite sized cubes drenched in marinara and topped with herbs. Absolutely novel and delectable.
Ciclo Cafe (29)
Kafir lime chicken tikka – if like me you have reached a saturation point with lemongrass chicken tikka, this is the perfect repite. Kafir lime infused succulent chicken tikka bits come as a perfect Summer tidbit.
Ciclo Cafe (3)
Zatar spiced calamari – again a refrain from the mainstream fried calamari rings. These were so much juicier and the mix of spices Zatar made it an amazing bite.
Ciclo Cafe (12)
Butter poached wasabi prawns – fresh prawns poached in butter and coated generously with wasabi giving it a unique flavor.
Ciclo Cafe (4)
Coconut crusted prawns with manga jalapeno dip – panko crusted prawns came mystically with a coconut tinge. Crunchy fried, dip the prawns in a cool mango jalapeno dip for transporting you to a coastal retreat.
Ciclo Cafe (5)
Quinoa, beetroot and orange salad – with summer colors and citrus dressing, the salad was perfectly balanced with quinoa, fresh lettuce and beetroot.
Ciclo Cafe (11)
Ravioli – artichokes, sundried tomatoes, mid blue cheese and caper cheese. A delightful ravioli preparation, super fresh and topped with creamy caper cheese so delectable that it was impossible to resist.
Ciclo Cafe (21)
Barley and cottage cheese construct – cottage cheese steak grilled to perfection served on a bed of barley risotto and topped with greens. Take a bite with all the layers together for a perfect crunchy, flavorsome and creamy flavors.
Ciclo Cafe (19)
Quinoa and Ragi crepe of Leek and Mushroom with tomato cream and smoked scarmoza. A multi-grain crepe holding together a luscious mix of killer mushrooms dressed with a tomato based gravy topped with smoked scarmoza and a basil leaf.
Ciclo Cafe (20)
Black pepper and chilli rubbed grilled chicken with potato wedges, carrots, beans and cilantro cream. Juicy chicken breast, well marinated with black pepper and red chilli drizzled over with cilantro cream balancing the heat.
Ciclo Cafe (24)
Harissa lamb chops – lamb chops with the spicy harissa sauce with well cooked made, tomato risotto and a zucchini ribbon. The lamb chops are one their absolute best sellers and can’t be missed on.
Ciclo Cafe (22)
Drown yourself in one of their classic shakes, well done coffee or freakshakes with mini donut, oreos and all the goodie goodies.
Ciclo Cafe (8)Ciclo Cafe (10)
Finish on an ultra sweet note with their panacotta, salted caramel torte or a slice of decadent cheesecake.

They are going to be holding cyclist meets ending in wholesome breakfasts, renting out bikes and adding a whiff of liveliness in an otherwise beery market. Be sure to check them out!
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