Deli Diaries

Cafes are not as common in Delhi as they are in France, but the Smoke House Deli outlets across Delhi do give us the jitters whether it is the exemplary service or the mouth watering preparations. The Deli has very signature hand painted walls which run through all four outlets with slight differences to each. The Saket outlet is the latest addition to the SmokeHouse family, with beautiful, vintage interiors, retro floral lamps hanging on top of the tables and an amalgamation of dark and pastel floral couches.

The pretty interiors of the Saket outlet

The Khan Market outlet with its big French windows beautifully written quotations on the walls. The Hauz Khas Village outlet with the beautiful windows overlooking the lake and the relics inspired from  the sultans make for a perfect place for a quiet meal in the effervescent village.

SHD Hauz Khas village

The Hauz Khas Village outlet

The Vasant Kunj outlet charms you with its gorgeous outdoor seating and wine collection.

Another classic USP of SmokeHouseDeli is their impeccable bread sac served with flavoured butter.

The bread Sack

The bread sack holds 5 different varieties of freshly baked breads to accompany your meal.

The breakfast spread

Smoke house Deli has a beautiful, crisp breakfast spread serving from 7Am till noon.

Jalapeno and smoked pimento fluffy omelette

The fluffy omelettes are really fluffy almost as if they whipped a cloud into the eggs while cooking them. Here, Smoked Jalapeno and Pimento omelette served with a toasted piece of bread, garlic flavoured grilled tomato and a crispy hash brown.

Terracotta scrambled eggs with sausage and bacon

Terracotta scrambled eggs with sausage and bacon – the soft, slightly runny eggs with cut up sausages and bacon made for a hell of a dish.

Terracotta scrambled eggs with sausage and bacon (2)

Some of the Smoke House Deli favourites are their burgers, perfectly cooked steak and the pasta dishes – my personal favourites.

Margherita pizza

The margherita pizza is not one of the best served here but the soft crust and delectable cheese is sure very palatable.

Margherita pizza (2)

Penne with curried market vegetables in pink sauce

Penne with curried pink sauce and market vegetables. The sinful, creamy sauce with crunchy vegetables leaves you craving for more.

Tomato and tequila spaghetti with smoked chicken

The make it yourself pasta – tomato and tequila spaghetti with smoked chicken. The intoxicating taste of tequila, the creamy tomato sauce and tender, juicy pieces of chicken. Yummy.

spinach riccotta ravioli

Spinach and riccotta ravioli. One of the most recommended dishes of the Deli. The perfectly crafted ravioli pasta stuffed with cheese and spinach and the creamy tomato sauce.

roast garlic and plum tomato fettucine

Roast garlic and plum tomato fettucine with vegetables is again a creamy and tasteful preparation.

tenderloin steak with asparagus

House special tenderloin steak with asparagus. Served in a heavy bottom pan, a medium rare steak served with crispy vegetables, potato edges, fresh mustard and asparagus. A wholesome meal.

peri peri chicken

Peri peri runned chicken with smoked pimento extract and asparagus. Succulent, grilled chicken breasts with peri peri extract, crunchy house salad and potato wedges.

warm apple crumble

Warm apple crumble pie with its buttery soft crust and slightly sweet cooked apples and caramel was a delightful dessert.

The sumptuous dishes are a tempting enough to keep going back to Smoke House Deli. Couple them with the charming ambiance, swift service and warm hospitality, the place becomes a go to place.