Don't Keep Calm because YumYumCha is open at Khan Market

Yum Yum Cha with its idiosyncratic origami, peppy colors, exemplary food and courteous service finds another home at Khan Market with just the same vibe, old friendly faces and chitter chatter. They have also added some cool things to their menu (BAO WOW!) more flavors to their mochi ice cream and new flavours to the hot pots.

We started with the all time favourite cooler – Thai and Kafir lime cooler followed by two of their boisterous newbies – pink pomelo with a strong hint of ginger and watermelon and mint – super refreshing.

TARTUFO – truffled mushroom baos – soft open faced buns, crispy mushrooms and topped with mayo. The bao is definitely a superb addition and another feather to their cap.
YumYumCha (2)
The dimsums – vegetarian sec included my all time favourite edamame and truffle – edamame beans, truffle oil and soy beautifully crafted; bok choy – fresh crunchy vegetables stuffed in a bok choy wrapper and served with a delish sweet chilli sauce and the new entrant – five roast corn – a gorgeous yellow steamed dumpling stuffed with roasted corn, chilly and garlic – the roasted crunch in the corn makes this one a must have! The meaty section – prawn har gao – thin skinned and stuffed with delectable fresh prawns. Chicken and chilly dimsums – soaked in chilly oil and topped with lots of burnt garlic the chicken dimsums are flavorsome and the burnt garlic crunch is a gleeful affair. Lotus chicken – a juicy piece of chicken sandwiched between two bits of lotus stem soaked in soy sauce, peanuts and chillies. This novel new dimsum is a must have.

Sweet potato fries – potato fries are way too mainstream, these sweet potato battered fries topped with spicy flavored mayo is the latest gig here. The crunchy fries are one of their kind and incredibly palatable.
YumYumCha (13)YumYumCha (12)
Sizzling stone bowl – Massaman curry with noodles – the sizzling stone bowltoo has some new entrants on their list of flavors – massaman curry with mushrooms, tofu, peanuts, corn, a strong zing of basil and coconut based yellow curry. Yummy!
YumYumCha (14)YumYumCha (15)
The desserts section included a portion of their classic rocky road mochi ice cream, delish chocolate with marshmallow and nuts; espresso creme brulee – the strong coffee flavored creme brulee with the crystallized top; chocolate sesame noodles – on a bed of more chocolate topped with crisps and white and dark chocolate bits.
YumYumCha (19)

Mochi Ice cream

YumYumCha (20)

Espresso creme brulee

YumYumCha (21)

Chocolate sesame noodles

Dimsums, sweet potato fries, stone sizzlers, warm hospitality, satiating coolers and chocolate overload of desserts – nothing ever disappoints at Yum Yum Cha. Have you visited them at their new place yet?
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