Kaiser – biryani and curries

There are countless Mughlai joints in the city but few stand out for me, the few that take the road less curried and move past the tried and tested butter chicken, dal makhni and butter naan. I have raved about their sheermal on a previous occasion (read here) as well and it only gets better.
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Mutton gilafi kebab – succulent minced mutton, grilled and immersed in succulent juices – a silken texture, the gilafi kebab are not to be judged by their looks but by the delicious preparation. They could do away with the extra swimming grease though.
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Jahangiri murgh, sheermal and laccha parantha – the namesake of the Mughal Emperor, the chicken curry is dowsed with spices. Paired with sheermal with a sweet after taste, this is a pretty darn good combination.
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The Haleem biryani is the star dish this time – fragrant basmati with splashes of turmeric and saffron. Well cooked cooked sits on the rice like a king crowned with caramelised onions, crunchy onions and a wedge of lemon. The finesse of the haleem and aroma of the biryani definitely team up to make a kickass dish which simply cannot be missed.
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What not to miss at Kaiser? The haleem biryani of course, and sheermal, always sheermal.
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