Factory by Sutra

Fusion food, German beer and a kickass Sufi night. That pretty much sums up my incredible experience at Factory, by Sutra. A co-working space and brewery set against a Factory theme is among the most happening places among the many breweries at Sector 29. Spread over three floors, the majestic space, dim lighting and rustic ambiance teamed with a feet tapping playlist will set you to your party shoes just right. The jute ropes, retro frames and gorgeously done bar and old school couches gave me excitement jitters.

As we took the whole thing in Chef Abhinav gave us a tour of the place and took us through the menu. They have tried to re-create the old recipes and classics with slight twists of their own among other popular munchies. Starting with their beer ofcourse – they have a sampler of their in-house brews – light, dark, wheat and dunkel wheat. We chose Dunkel wheat and Wheat beer. Both were spot on but I favor wheat, so that’s definitely a recommendation.


We started with Delhi 6 ki chaat – stuffed golgappas with bhej and topped with aloo tikki, dahi and mint and tamarind chutney. The chaat packed a double punch with delicious flavors. Kurkuri bhindi nachos with sour cream – not the biggest fan of bhindi – this was a beautiful and old school preparation of crispy fried bhindi served with mint yoghurt. The slight masalas and crunchiness made it an excellent bar nibble.


Chilly chicken pita bao – A Lebanese, Chinese cross – soft pita boa stuffed with zesty chilly chicken served with sweet chilly sauce.


Lemon garlic fish and fried calamari – both these preparations were laced with Thai flavors which made them particularly interesting. Grilled basa drizzled over with a creamy sauce with strong lemongrass flavors – a tad too strong – but that happens to be the way I like them. Fried squid rings, crunchy with a slight lemongrass flavor and served with chilly sauce.


Their cocktail spread too is a hot favourite. We tired some cooling cocktails. The cucumber base was very refreshing, the citrus, could have used some of their fusion fanatic.

For main-course, we tried butter chicken khichdi, dal makhni and lahori mutton with khamiri roti. Served in a heavy bottom thali with onions and mint chutney. Dal makhni was creamy and cooked to a simmered perfection. Lahori mutton – marinated and slow cooked overnight with whole spices. The mutton was very tantalizing and tender to boot and went very well with the khamiri roti. Butter chicken khichdi – this was amongst the finest and most fascinating dishes of all time – creamy, rich butter chicken mounded with rice. It tasted like a great take on risotto. Well, till the time it has butter chicken, khichdi is always welcome.


We finished our meal with chocolate brownie and ice cream. This could have been just a little more sinful and gooey. So, get going and take a break or take your work to this factory themed restaurant and don’t miss out on their fresh brews, fusion yummies and butter chicken khichdi.

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