Experience the flavors of Rajasthan at Rajasthali!

Rajasthali is a small dining restaurant which serves Rajasthani Gujrati Thali for a very reasonable price. While their main competition is another restaurant in CP only with the same concept, Rajasthali has an edge over it because of its prices. The food quality isn’t better but actually at par.


As it’s located in the Middle Circle where shops are smaller, it does get a bit noisy. Traditional Rajasthani style of serving and music makes for a different ambience.

They serve a different menu each day of the month so a regular patron would never get bored of the food, I did see a lot of corporates and even some foreigners dining in!
It was Navratra so they also had a Navratra Thali, I opted for the regular one though.

First snacks were served onto the elaborate thali, Mixed cucumber and capsicum salad, Aloo Bonda,Rajasthani dhokla made from maida then was followed by the different types of chutney and even saunth. While This was being served the rest of the bowls were filled up with various other dishes like Kadhi, Paneer, Mix Dal, Aloo Rassa, Bhindi Sambhariya, Dal bati churma with oodles of desi ghee and Rajasthani gatte ki sabzi. We paired all this with Parantha, Roti, Plain Rice and Khichidi with ghee.


Out of all the dishes served, The Gatte and Dal Batti Choorma with Chana and Moong Dal were amazing classic preparation are always perfectly made! A must try. The Mix Dal was also delectable and was paired with the Rice; Top it up with Ghee and you are good to go.
The topping of Ghee is very important on Gujrati and Rajasthani Cuisine as it adds to that flavor of the food, while many people advocate against the effects of floating ghee on top of their food, native people always prefer authenticity.Here we had the choice so good for everybody.

The Kadhi is sweet as expected but lacks certain consistency thus wasn’t relished much. The Paneer was decent enough but the vegetables were overcooked so it was more like a thick broth of vegetables and paneer.The Aloo Rassa were spot on spicy with a liquid gravy like the ones we have at home.

In sweets they had Dal halwa and Kheer. Both good preparations, So a final verdict if you don’t want to have a value for money Rajasthani/Gujrati thali then this is the place to be, but they do have scope for improvement!

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