Frozen excellence at Movenpick

Ice Cream has been my favorite since a very young age, be it premium Italian gelato or the flavored lic lolly. There was a time back in my school days when not a day went by when I didn’t have an ice cream. Now I have had everything from the 10 bucks ice lolly to the premium Swiss ice creams.

Movenpick is a joint serving their finest Swiss makes. Their newest outlet in GK absolutely does justice to that by pleasing our eyes with minimalist white & red theme and a hint of black. The curvy textured wall adds a premium feel to it.


Now as opposed to the normal convention, Movenpick isn’t an outlet serving just ice creams, you can there for a great cup of coffee or some shakes or maybe some waffles too!

Starting with a classic coffee, Café Macchiato. A strong shot of espresso with underlying chocolate flavor & topped with chocolate syrup.

We also tried their Cappuccino, and oh boy they sure know how to make coffee, using the finest beans they sure get strong flavors.


Coming to the wide array of ice creams they serve, well I tried many from sorbets to their classic Swiss Chocolate.

The Blackcurrent & Strawberry Sorbet was loved by my friends but I didn’t relish it that much, for me the favorite was Swiss Chocolate & Macademia.


Another recommended ice cream is the Stracciatella, it is a unique preparation indeed. Fine Swiss Cream with Italian Chocolate Chips shavings. This one is a must try!

Then was the turn of Waffles, their waffles aren’t the best ever but when coming to desserts pairing of waffles & ice cream is a classic! Along with came the Affogato, shot of espresso with vanilla ice cream, pour the hot shot on the side and relish this wonder!


Movenpick is definitely a premium ice cream brand you should visit, head there for a cup of coffee some desserts after your meal!


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