Fusion flavours with Punjab Grill Tappa

Punjab Grill is synonymous with opulent dining and a range of authentic Punjabi fanfare. Punjab Grill Tappa brings to you excellent fusion options, twists and turns to mainstream dishes and a they are here with a range of some exciting new dishes, summer mocktails, flavoured lassi and an ecstatic vibe.
They have a brand new summer mocktail menu and they have some real thirst quenchers. Starting with Tappa Aam Sodas, they are using a lot of fresh fruits to create refreshing mocktails. The highlight definitely was the espresso-caramel flavoured lassi.

Start with masala papad lined with chutney and topped with the classic sev.
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Appetizers – Pather kebab chicken – succulent pounded pieces of chicken, with toasted fox nuts, broccoli, asparagus and tomatoes, the perfect balance between meat and greens was so appetizing. Tandoori Norwegian salmon, dil and saffron marinade – huge pieces of fresh salmon, fresh salmon to the extent that it was a gorgeous shade of pink from inside, grilled with mustard and served with puffed rice and aloo challa Desi namkeen. Tawa Asparagus, paneer tikka, tomato chutney – juicy cubes of grilled paneer, dunked in flavorful tomato chutney with pan tossed asparagus. A  beautiful take on the everyday paneer tikka. Spinach and apricot fillo kurkuri, anar dana chutney – a sumptuous buttery, flaky patty crisp, home to spinach and delish apricots, dip it in the cheesy anar dana dip and you are golden.

For mains we tried some of of their finest progressive basics, cooked to such perfection. They have the classics – dal makhni and kukkad, but hold yourself for to get bowled over by their tossed versions. Himalayan trout, chilly pepper spiked masala – a full Himalayan trout, well marinated, grilled and served whole. Served with a coconut milk based curry, this splendid preparation is sure to win your heart, thanks to the freshness and intermingling of masalas from the North and coconut from the South.
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Himalayan trout

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Himalayan trout poured over with coconut curry

Haleem Khao Suey – Haleem is the traditional full meal generally served during the Holy month of Ramadan, but some of our fav restaurants have included this admirable dish full time in their menus. Khao Suey on the other hand is the Burmese fav and nothing is more enchanting than creating your own bowl of khao suey. Putting two and two together, this one is instantly a perfect ten. the haleem is a stunning minced meat, rice and lentils combination served with mutton boti, malai kulcha mini balls, caramelized onions, lemon, ginger, chillies, crisps and mint leaves. I dressed my bowl with crisps, onions, a mutton boti and the cutesy malai kulcha.
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Haleem Khao Suey

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Yummilicious mutton boti that comes with the Haleem Khao Suey

Churry Kutti ‘Crumbled bread’ chicken and egg – the chutty kutti comes on a bed on crumbled, soft layered parantha with delish bits of succulent chicken and a fried egg. This too comes with a tomato base gravy to add more zing to the superb dish. A special mention to the breads – 5 grain roti for the conscious but what you absolutely can’t miss the chur chur naan stuffed with rum soaked rains and spinach and raw mango sweet and spicy chutney.

We reeled up our awesome meal with the Summer Dessert platter – rose kulfi, pomegranate chuski, mango pudding, litchi fudge, chenna roll and a freshly cut mango. My personal favourite was the mango pudding and the chuski that takes you back to summer holiday mode.
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Chomp on their upscale basics and don’t miss out on their salmon, kurkuri fillo, haleem khao suey, churry kutti and mango pudding!
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