Lavaash by Saby : Armenia & Bengal

Lavaash by Saby has always impressed me with the serene interiors and the calming ambience, paired with that is great food with flavors you would not get anywhere else. The fusion of Armenian and Bengali flavors is something only Lavaash will offer, and even if you are not comfortable in trying other cuisines you should not be afraid to try this. It is as homely as it gets with simple flavors mixing themselves with Armenian backbones.
Overlooking the Qutub we started our evening with the new menu introduced by Chef Megha Kohli.
Starting off with Armenian mezze platter, a lip-smacking preparation with Crispy Lavaash Chips and a very different hummus and 3 other types of dips, one being Harissa, my favorite!

Lavaash (2)

Armenian Mezze Platter

Wine and Cheese are classic combinations and anyone who is a Bengali knows Smoked bandel and Kalimpong, 3 types of cheese sourced from Calcutta and one made in house! A perfect combination for an evening with their signature Sangrias.
Lavaash (4)

Cheese Platter

Watermelon and Feta Mango Tolma was next, a refreshing palate cleanser with a layer of watermelon with feta cheese and pepper and blanched spinach on top. This with the chilli and mango dressing is extraordinary but do take all the layers together as single ones will offset your tastes!
Lavaash (7)

Watermelon Feta Mango Tomla

A spectacular drink paired with this was the Gregory , Gin, cucumber, olives and classic tonic, garnished with chocolate gold coins!
Prawn Tolma or Dolma is basically stuffed vegetable usually cabbage here it was onions, prawns marinated in kasundi and coconut inside that outermost layer layer on onion and baked to perfection. The layers of onion and kashundi make it a little too acidic, but the subtle flavors of coconut soothe it down.
Lavaash (9)

Prawn DomlaDo

Spicy chicken Lavaash pizza, this one comes in our list of different pizza’s all over town. A Paper thin crispy base topped with minced and Kalimpong cheese.
Lavaash (5)

 Spicy chicken Lavaash Pizza

As the sun dawned we were all calmed by the appetizers but now it was the turn of the hearty mains, Lavaash Fish, Spicy Georgian Chicken, Mutton Razela and Mushroom Manti.
Lavaash Fish is an astonishing preparation, Betki marinated in coconut milk coriander and a bit of kashundi, baked inside a Lavaash Bread to keep the moisture inside and the texture intact. With the broth of tomatoes powered by hing this was the highlight of the new menu. Mutton razela was also tried which was basically ribs in a yogurt stew garnished with chilies and makhana.
Lavaash (15)

Lavaash Fish with Mutton Razela and Matnakash Claypot Bread

Spicy Georgian Chicken was another hot favorite, tender chicken with a gravy of roasted tomatoes bell peppers and red chilies, the redness of the gravy was a sure shot tell that a lot of Kashmiri chilies have been used without raising the spice level.
Lavaash (17)

Spicy Georgian Chicken

Last up was the Manti, a stuffed Armenian Dumpling or kind of a Ravioli which actually requires hand kneaded dough rolled and then stuffed and sealed properly, this is baked in a clay Tonir which is one of the first tools of Armenian cuisine. It’s said that the Armenians were first to bake things which can be very true!
Lavaash (18)

Mushroom Manti

So get chomping on these lovely dishes crafted to perfection and served with oodles of love. And their peppy ambiance is always, always a bonus!