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Craving a quick trip to old “Bombay” topped with authentic Parsi cuisine? Then this is the place for you. Located in the CyberHub, this place brings you closer to the rich Parsi cuisine and heritage in its own colourful and charming manner. Take your pick between the gorgeous outdoor seating if the weather is pleasant or the sprawling, beautifully done insides. You can spot magnificent memoirs from Bombay and the Parsi lifestyle, vintage old school furniture and cap it with old songs and exotic flavours and you will find yourself crushing on the surroundings and grooving as you enjoy your meal.

Round tables covered with classic table-cloth, wooden chairs, framed rare pictures, vintage cameras, petal shaped light fixtures, Bombay special tiffin boxes and huge aluminium kettles. You can also spot a huge jukebox lighting up the ambiance. The walls are done in deep shades of orange and blue and have colourful cabinets. Stained glasses, pot lids, clocks, pad locks and two huge boards with do’s and don’ts of the restaurant. SodaBottleOpenerWala also offers freshly baked biscuits in addition to the oldie sweets – ParleG, poppins, mango bite, kismi and more. My favourite spot was just as you entered, a stunning installation of hanging teapots, vintage frames and flowers. The painting outside of “SodaBottleOpenerWala” with the side cabinet too makes for a stunning frame.

We decided to try all their specialities, starting with Eggs Kejriwal and Bhendi Bazaar ke Seekh Parantha.

Eggs Kejriwal make for a great breakfast, thanks to Mr. Deviprasad Kejriwal for curating this off-beat dish. Crispy, toasted bread smeared with sauteed mushrooms and cheese topped with double fried eggs and generously topped with some more cheese. Dig in to all the layers and enjoy a scrumptious cheesy start to your day!

Eggs Kejriwal (2)Eggs Kejriwal

Bhendi Bazaar Seekh Parantha – comes in an aluminium bowl with a crispy parantha, two succulent lamb seekhs, mint chutney and onions. The kebabs were slightly tough for my tastebuds but the subtle kebabs and the soft, flakiness of the parantha along with it work extremely well. Scoop it in some mint chutney to add on to the yumminess.

Bhendi Bazaar ke seekh parantha (2)Bhendi Bazaar ke seekh parantha (3)

For mains we had their Chicken berry pulao, chicken cutlet and pao combo. The meal came in a steel tiffin box and sufficed for two people. Soft, buttered paos go extremely well with the delectable and flavoured, soft chicken cutlet. The berry pulao is extra-ordinary! Sapid rice with slight saffron flavors, a curried tomato-onion masala, huge pieces of chicken and berries and crispy fried onions. The berries added that extra burst of flavours in every bite- sweet sometimes, a little pungent the other.

Berry Pualo, chicken cutlet, paoBerry Pualo, chicken cutlet, pao (2)Berry Pualo, chicken cutlet, pao (3)Chicken cutlet paoBerry Pualo, chicken cutlet, pao (4)

So romanticize the subtle flavours of Parsi cuisine at SodaBottleOpenerWala.

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