Healthy Bingeing at Getafix Cafe

How often do we eat out and worry about those extra pounds piling on? You can have a salad instead of paranthas and drown those oily pakoras in green tea but what if you were introduced to a place where you could hog all you want in a completely healthy and guilt free manner? Enter GETAFIX CAFE – a gorgeously done cafe located at GK1 M-Block Market. Here, you can chomp on delicious preparations without compromising on your health.

Over a nutritious meal, chortles and quite interesting conversations, we poured in through Getafix’s journey. Started by the brother-sister duo Aanandita and Dhruv, this place boasts of satiating you without taking a toll. It started with their slow-pressed juices and smoothies and the need to create a healthier lifestyle – air-frying, multi-grain and whole-wheat breads made to order, fresh ingredients, low fat cheese options, replacing mozzarella for feta and ricotta to just name a few. They make their own dips and very soon plan on even coming up with a healthier, sugar free version of ketchup. They make their own pasta – spaghetti and fettuccine, but also stock penne just in case you prefer that. The meal bowls are a hit and very soon they will be launching an Indian meal bowl. Watch out for the desserts – they use shakar/jaggery for all their preparations so you can safely hog on. Getafix has started an all-day breakfast menu and include egg whites, turkey bacon and fresh fruits.

The ambiance is exquisite – Getafix comes as a breath of fresh air not only in terms of the amazing concept and techniques but also the decor and tid-bits. Unlike the mainstream and overdone brick walls, they have fire brick walls with a beautifully turquoise one which is undoubtedly the highlight of the place and the windows streaming in natural light. The beautiful use of colours and texture is very soothing to the eyes and the wooden furniture adds kind of a rustic touch. It is always evident when something has been done with passion and immense love – I loved the fact that they had not gone with the bandwagon and opted for mason jars but had gone for tall glasses instead.

We started our meal with the signature juices and smoothies – Happiness Fix and The Odd One Out. The drinks came with diced fresh fruits.

Health doze

Odd one out

The Odd One Out – Yoghurt infused with red apple, raspberries and blueberries.

Happiness fix

Happiness Fix – Red apple, mango, pineapple and basil, the combination was very refreshing and I loved it!

Next, we tried their signature, Air fried fish and chips. The dish came with air fried potato wedges and their home made tartar sauce. Another thing that completely bowled me off was the presentation – it was a no fuss, minimal affair. The fish was very fresh and crispy and went well with their light tartar.

Air fried fish and chipsAir fried fish and chips (2)

Next, we got our hands on Smoked chicken roulade and Mushroom burger. The Smoked chicken roulade is an open sandwich- grilled toast, lined with homemade pesto, smoked chicken roulade stuffed with diced olives and jalapenos, topped with tomatoes and olives and a slice of low fat cheese. The intermingling flavours of olives and the chicken roulade were amazing!

smoked chicken roulade (2)smoked chicken roulade

The mushroom burger originally came with a patty made with oyester, shitake and button mushrooms but it was switched to only button mushrooms after customer response. Being an ardent mushroom lover, I would have loved to try a patty with all three mushrooms but the button mushroom patty was pretty good too. Fresh, crunchy lettuce, soft mushroom patty, dressing and cheese in w whole wheat bun made for a very refreshing change from the regular burger-lore.

mushroom burger (2)mushroom burger

For mains we tried their Non-Veg Japanese Soba Noodle Bowl – Soft soba noodles tossed in teriyaki sauce with zucchini, button mushrooms, shitake mushrooms and crunchy beans, soft, juicy chicken and with hints of peanut butter taste.

Japanese soba noodle bowl

We ended our meal with their much talked about dessert platter. I think this is one of the best things about healthy substitutes, sugar free and jaggery infused desserts so that you can eat as much as you want and still keep a healthy lifestyle. The platter contains each of the house desserts. Carrot cake, sweetened with dates, with a slight cinnamon flavour .

Dessert platterDessert platter (2)

Chocolate brownie

Sugar free brownie – Made with compound chocolate and no added sweeteners, this gooey chocolate brownie is a guilt free passage to heaven.

Key lime pie

Key lime pie – A biscuity, crunchy crust, with a fresh curd and lime pie topping. And Pumpkin Spice Cake topped with a basil leaf with, the heavy cinnamon flavour was very delish. Love.

Vanilla pound cake

Vanilla Pound Cake – Moist pound cake with orange zest. Yummy.

The flavours served at this place are subtle and light on your belly. They open at 8 in the morning and offer a work space with free WiFi. They also double as a book-cafe and have sourced Asterix, Harry Potter, Archie and other classics that you can read at leisure. So, go on and binge on some health at Getafix and do try their dessert platter, mushroom burger and sir-fried fish and chips.

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