#GetGrubbed – Grub fest 2017

18th March 2017
3.00 PM IST
Hi there,
To all those who haven’t been to the epic Grub Fest, you really are missing out on some of the boisterous and craziest Delhi has to offer. Groovy music (Tatva K, Hari&Sukhmani and Bally Sagoo), innumerable and tantalizing restaurants – the best of Delhi and some wonderful friends down from Chandigarh – Dev’s American Cafe, Uncle Jack’s and Milkshake and Co., shop from PostFold while you chomp on yummies and grab a drink at your favourite spot. With JLN looking grand in the backdrop, this maddening experience with foodtrucks, tantalizing desserts and topped with a kid’s play arena should not go amiss.

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We couldn’t contain our excitement on spotting Lalit’s Pizza Food Truck (at last!) and simply had to grab a slice. A thin crust topped with oodles of cheese, caramelised onions, sundried tomatoes and rocket leaves. The pizza slice was simply irresistible and we can’t wait to try the rest of their pies (when we do get to catch them again)
We next spotted Doggy Style and couldn’t resist a hot dog – BBQ Bacon hot dog – sauteed caramelised onions, a smoked chicken frankfurter topped with mayo and mustard mayo and oh so delectable bacon. This was by far one of the best dressed hot dogs I have devoured.
Indian Saffron Co. – For hard core North Indian buffs, their non veg sampler with succulent tikkas and melt in your mouth kebab and classic rolls with a crispy outside and generous egg dressing. Wash it down with their classic nimbu shikanji.

Milkshake and Co. – One of Chandigarh’s finest, their milkshakes are absolutely delish and Delhi totally needs a branch. We tried the Choko Gangster with chocolate and coffee and it was love at first sip!
Sumo Sushi – The delivery outlet from South Delhi, they whip up some mean Asian, wrap some great sushi and dimsums. The sushi and dimsums both could have been fresher but we can overlook the fact that they were at a food fest.

We washed it all down with a satiating Virgin Mojito from Thee Pot. They also did some refreshing tea and scrumptious waffles.
I had a kickass time at the Grub Fest, the glitches of long lines were a tad off putting but then again, good things come to those who wait. 🙂