Nostalgic bells with Classroom

Classroom pays an ode to the good old school days with an insane dream come true brewery. With nostalgic frames, graffiti particularly pertaining to the washrooms, benches and staircases running through, a foosball and pool table complete with Ramu Kaka ki Canteen with oldie munchies. But what makes this classroom to good to be true is their brewery and a bar complete with the periodic table and delicacies from the length and breadth of the country.

With the brews yet to be fully concocted they only had the blonde beer to start with but they plan to add an extensive bunch including a strawberry infused brew.
We started with the palak patta chaat – crispy whole spinach leaves drizzled with cool yogurt, mint and tamarind chutney and sev. Nicely dressed, eat it while its still crispy to keep the zing intact.
Cheesy kebabs – a house special with exotic vegetables wrapped together with cheese made into a crispy kebab. The kebabs could have used a little more cheese to live upto its name.
Lukhmi – an old school Hyderabadi recipe revived – a buttery, flaky puff stuffed with tossed vegetables and soy served with flavored mayonnaise. The puff was a brilliant, buttery bake but being a meat lover, I would have definitely preferred the chicken version.
Chicken 65 – a Chennai speciality, well marinated chicken and fried with hot spiced and curry leaves, the succulent chicken was an excellent whip.
Classroom Maska Chicken (CMC) – a house specialty, they swear by this dish if you want to make a lasting impression and rightly so. Served with a side of roomali roti, delve into this amazing, succulent chicken and a creamy top.
Keema ghotala – minced mutton slow cooked with spices to a creamy medley. Dig in to this gorgeous preparation with the soft buttery pav. The keema could have been a little high on spices to enjoy the full flavor.
Hot dog with chicken frankfurter with sweet and sour cornichon and dijon mustard served with crispy potato wedges. The hot dog bun was a tad dry but the sausage was juicy and incredibly dressed with mayo, mustard and the wedges complimented the whole ensemble well.
BBQ chicken pizza – the thin crust pizza was bang on with the smoky crust, fresh sauce, oodles of cheese and freshest toppings.
PS Bonus point for not being stingy at all with their meat toppings.
Veg kolhapuri – exotic crunchy vegetables simmered to a spicy, flavorsome home like sabzi. Served with buttered laccha parantha, the crunchy, toothsome ensemble was pretty darn good.
Butter chicken – a creamy buttery gravy with just a tinge of sweetness and tossed with succulent bits of chicken with butter naan. A classic!
Chocolate Brownie – gooey sticky chocolate brownie devoured with walnuts (Sent me right back to baking days)
Visit the brand new Classroom for their beer, butter chicken and brownies!
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