Go Brit with Londoner’s

Transport yourself to London with the double decker red bus, vintage calligraphy prints, French windows, live music and a kickass bar. The walls are doubled with shutters and the the interiors are classic black and white. You can see high influences of the British transport scene with the red bus and trucks and cars hanging from the walls. The bar is very intriguing – The bottles are held over painted old school tin suitcases.

Like many other pubs and cafes in GK, they too have live music you can groove to as the sun goes down. We started our evening with some signature Brit Street inspired drinks – Carnaby Street and a classic margarita. Followed by the insanely popular and unique, Chile Sangria.

The Chile Sangria with subtle white wine was laced with jullienes cucumber and pepper.


The Carnaby Street – elder flower, lime martini.


A classic margarita –


For appetizers we gorged on some mean pepper chicken tikka – huge pieces of well marinated tandoori chicken generously topped with crunchy peppercorns – very juicy and very flavorsome.


Scottish Fish cakes served with tartar sauce – minced fresh fish patted into cakes and toasted. The cakes were just a little dry but otherwise, spot on.


We next devoured on Tandoori prawn cocktail. Served in a martini glass with a refreshing salad and grilled prawns. The salad was so simple and yet very zestful – fresh, crunchy lettuce mixed with flavored mayonnaise. The prawns were very fresh, lightly marinated and grilled to perfection.


For main course we obviously tried their classic fish and chips, along with butter chicken pie and roast chicken killer arrabiata. The fish and chips were served with juicy fries and tartar and spicy mayo. The fish was lightly crumbled, very fresh and delish.


The butter chicken pie was the perfect combination of the two cultures coming together which would be the perfect product after the British Raj. Inspired from the classic shepherd’s pie but generously stuffed with finger licking butter chicken. This is fusion at its best.


Roast chicken killer arrabiata pasta – penne done al dente, a smoky arrabiata sauce and shredded chicken pieces. The chicken could have been more delicious but the sauce and pasta was absolutely delicious.


Get your British accent on hit Londoner’s and do not miss on their fish and chips, butter chicken pie and tandoori prawn cocktail.
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