Have you ever dined on a cruise ship? Takamaka ensures just that

Cruises have been ever so dreamy, and after watching Dil Dhadakne Do, I am positive that like me, many of you too would have wished for a ultra glam cruise vacation. Well, a cruise is not affordable just yet, but dining at one is. Head to Takamaka, Golf Course Road and you will be transported to ship complete with decks and sun decks, booths and groovy music.

They also double up as a brewery and a pretty mean one that too. They have four flavours – wheat, dark, premium and apple cider (which is unavailable at the time). All the other flavors however are so fragrant, fresh and each with distinct flavors. We opted for the all time fav wheat and the full bodied premium. They also have some pretty cool fresh beer cocktails and we tried a beerita – fine craft beer with a margarita mix and it turned out to be pretty swoon worthy.

Beer Sampler


Premium and Wheat Beer



We started with three cheese chili rolls served with a trio of dips. Cheese wrapped in spring roll sheets and crispy fried, with a staunch chilly aftertaste. Dunk the rolls in your favourite kind of dip and you are golden.

Chilli cheese rolls

Dum Pukht’s Galauti Kebab – Soft, melt in your mouth galauti’s with a ulte tawe ka parantha, a cripy sev, propped gorgeously over their winning beers. They take immense pride in their beer and their whip up of the galauti kebab and one can’t go wrong with these two here. Super soft, with just the right amount of bitter and melt in your mouth texture. They were slightly brittle but Oh so good!!

Best of Takamaka – beer and galauti kebab

Takamaka Mutton takatak – Chunks of mutton tossed in delectable masalas topped with a cheesy hashtag on the top. Super succulent pieces of mutton tossed in flavorsome masalas and diced bell pepper – this too was one killer preparation.

Mutton takatak

Thin crust Exotica Pizza topped with a drizzle of cheddar and feta cheese with fresh bell pepper, olives, tomatoes and onions. The crust was very well done but the pie could have used a little more mozzarella.

Pizza love

Dhaba Gosht and butter naan – their mutton dishes are to swear by! Again an impeccable preparation with an absolutely delish curry and soft, off the bone mutton. The naan needed to be a tad softer but the curry was simply out of this world.

Dhaba Gosht

We ended our immaculate meal with two of their classic desserts – Takamaka special – fresh, home baked atta biscuits sandwiching kalakand with a rabri concoction and MnMs. This piece was like a multi starrer movie that quite didn’t do well. The kalakand needed to be softer and packing more flavors. The Chocolate puri with paan was outstanding – pani puris coated in chocolate filled with whipped cream and to be gulped down with paan shots. Simply insane!

Kalakand special dessert


Chocolate pani puri and paan shots

Takamaka for insane beer and chomping on their outlandish spread of mutton delicacies – each one we tried was better than the first!
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