The Big Bawa Breakfast at SodaBottleOpenerWala

Our love for SodaBottleOpenerWala is pretty evident with all the posts we do – we are absolutely smitten by their quirks, the impeccable preparations and ALL the newbies that they keep coming up with. Their latest gig is The BIG BAWA BREAKFAST and it is just what was needed to make Sundays even more exciting. After the first launch in Mumbai, the breakfast menu has come to Khan Market and it is magnificent.

We started with fresh glasses of divine watermelon juice and watermelon smoothie, both very refreshing and the Cinnamon Nitro Brew – a delicious cinnamon spiked iced espresso brew – such an interesting addition.

Watermelon smoothie and watermelon juice


Cinnamon Nitro Brew

Meaty Poro – the flat Iranian omelette, fluffy and stuffed with crispy bacon, baked beans, creamy potato bits, grilled greens, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, crispy hash browns and a juiciest link of bacon. This HUGE platter is a superbe take on the classic American breakfast with a desi masala omelette touch. I would have loved a buttered pav accompanying the eggs.
Ghotala Pav – minced mutton mixed scrambled with egg in a spicy, slightly creamy concoction, served with soft, buttered pav – a very typically Parsi breakfast and sumptuous to bits.
Navsari style French Toast – a gorgeous take on classic French toast, so, so fresh and soft, topped with powdered sugar, this was a bouncy piece of yumminess. Teamed with fresh orange marmalade and whipped cream, the orange marmalade flavors worked so very well with the Navsari.
Espresso and Whiskey cream oats and ragi pancakes – not your usual fluffy pancakes, these are healthier versions and hence a slightly flatter. Topped with lip smacking whipped cream dowsed with espresso and whiskey flavors.
The Big Bawa Breakfast is nothing short of impressive, visit the soon at SBOW, Khan Market. They are serving breeakfast from 9.00AM-12.00Noon