Healthy munching with Gogrub

No matter how often I try to grab a fruit or oats as a munching option, I eventually switch to something more satiating and well, unhealthy. If you too, like me often feel the urge of snacking healthy – is the answer to all your cravings. I received a 4 snack box with a selection of palatable and healthy snacking options – cranberry pistachio granola bar, chocolate hazelnut granola, sesame coconut cookies and lime and mint nuts.


Believe me, the flavors are so exciting, fresh and absolutely lip smacking. I will start with what excited me the most with two of my all time favorite flavors – chocolate hazelnut granola. This was crunchy, slightly sweet and an indulgence without any guilt.


Cranberry pistachio bars – loaded with pistachios and cranberry, this bar makes for a much more healthy option for all those watching their waistline and others looking for a kickass unique flavor.


The coconut sesame cookies are crunchy, with a slight coconut flavor and delectable to boot. The mint and lime nuts feel like freshness in your mouth. The crunchy peanuts are alright but what really gives you a kick is a citrus zest.

So, get going guys, grab the flavors that excite you the most and order in a box from GoGrub. They offer an option of 2 snacks in a box and 4 snacks in a box; they also have monthly subscription plans.

PS : They have pretzels and popcorn, fruit chews and bar nibbles. But I highly recommend their pistachio cranberry bars and chocolate hazelnut granola.