Keventers – a classic reinvented

Mint Oreo Crumble, Cold Coffee, Butterscotch, Blueberry, Bubblegum – Keventers the iconic retro brand returns to India, which was originally started by Swedish entrepreneur Edward Keventer in 1925.

Agastya Mihir Dalmia and enthusiastic entrepreneurs Aman Arora and Sohrab Sitaram have revamped and recreated the brand, giving it a fresh feel and a new taste profile. The specialty of these milkshakes is not due to the recipes but due to the A2 class milk that they use which is purecow’s milk which contains only the A2 type of protein rather than the more common A1 protein commonly found in packaged milk.


Ask any old time Keventers lover, they all know the brand as a outlet in CP. The place is always sprawling with young couples, old couples and even families, with parents treating their children to an occasional treat of yummy milkshakes while reminiscing the brand. However, the CP outlet was a distributor of Keventers milkshake and has now been renamed as Shake Square.
While the image of the brand was maintained by the CP distributor the original recipes have dug up by Mihir Dalmia and thus the reintroduction of the Brand.
The Keventers brand is heavily marketed by those iconic bottles too, customized bottles varying according to the geographical region they are being sent to. They have festival oriented bottles too like Holi and Independence Day.


They are very enthusiastic about their expansion plans too, they have already opened more than 50 outlets as on date and have expanded outside India too, Nepal and Kenya are already now in the list and the deal has been signed for an outlet in California!

Just recently the brand has launched flavors such as Sugar Free Cold Coffee and Bubblegum to entice its patrons with these new flavors.

If you are a fan of fruity flavors, then Tutti Frutti is bound to become favorite shake. But these tend to be on the sweeter side so if you’re not a person with a sweet tooth, don’t try this. Similarly with the Alphonso Mango.


The Cold Coffee, with the rich flavors of coffee is actually very well balanced. A delicious one, and it’s the hot favorite at any outlet!


What stood out for me among the Original Flavors was the butterscotch and blueberry, butterscotch left me with a sweet after-taste. The over powering sweetness mulls the flavors of butterscotch, but you still could go nuts over it. The blueberry is perhaps the most exquisite flavors in their catalogue, a perfect shake with really nice flavors of blueberry.

Find them here.