Life at Life Caffe

When going towards H&M from the middle circle, Life Caffe has always attracted me with it’s huge open area all completely with plants all around, a mini bar in that area. White interiors with pastel shades, surely makes heads turn, but just ambience isn’t enough, food is a major part in which this café does disappoint.


One fine afternoon we visited Life Caffe, and while the interiors are very promising the service & the food isn’t. We were very disappointed to see that 2 servers never remembered who ordered which drink, and due to miscommunication there were things on our table that weren’t ordered.

Anyhow coming to the food, we started with Angaar Paneer Tikka, French Fries, Fish & Chips, Corn Salt & Pepper & Prawn Salt & Pepper. Yeah this was the miscommunicated dish. So anyhow Angaar Paneer Tikka was the best out of the lot, really soft paneer tikka & very well marinated!


The Fish & Chips weren’t upto the mark, while the fish was soft it had a weird smell with it, and the French fries were very disappointing, they weren’t fresh!


Corn Salt & Pepper was liked by everyone & it actually balanced out our disappointment, Prawns were also decent nothing special about them!

Next up were Tandoori Jheenga, Aloo Chaat, Reshmi Chicken Seekh Kebab & Thai Chicken Wings!
Another set of mixed feelings in these dishes, the Aloo Chaat & Reshmi chicken Seekh were good but the Thai chicken wings had no lemongrass flavors & the tandoori jheengha was also nothing special.

Coming to the Mains we weren’t impressed by all from this Café, The mains also didn’t help, We ordered Chicken Tikka Masala, Dal Makhini & Paneer Butter Masala along with assorted breads. The Dal Makhini was loaded with butter still lacked that powerful punch of flavors along with the consistency.



Chicken Tikka Masala was a good dish though, mildly spicy with huge pieces of chicken. The chicken could have been more tender though.

Paneer Butter Masala was again nothing extraordinary, floating butter on top and a thick tomato & onion gravy and huge pieces of Paneer added to it!


Last up were the desserts which were very disappointing, out of 3 desserts 2 of them were stale & unfit for consumption, the manager didn’t even have the courtesy to tell us that he won’t be able to serve desserts. The Apple Pie was the only thing that was eatable and was decent enough.

What I learnt from this visit that looks aren’t everything & every Caffe in CP isn’t good! Final Verdict that this café can be avoided!

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