Get rollin’with Sushi Haus

Sushi is one of the most artful preparations Рwith the rawness of meat, crunch and sticky rice wrapped in the most skillful and artsy manner. Sushi Haus serves authentic Japanese cuisine with a wide array of fresh Sushi and Bento boxes to satiate your Japani cravings. Using the finest, healthiest ingredients, they have created a niche for themselves in the market, delivering the most authentic and freshest till the wee hours of the night.

I sampled some of their best sushi preparations along with a Bento box. Each Sushi box generally comes with 8 pieces of a kind, wasabi, gari and soy {vis-a-vis the two of a kind that you would see in the pictures to follow.} They have a lot of party boxes too to choose from.


Starting with the classic California Roll – the inside out roll, cucumber, avacado and crab meat topped with tobiko. Chicken Katsu roll – a beautiful blend of two of traditional dishes – the katsu roll is wrapped with crunchy fried chicken and topped with shichimi – the special Japanese seven spice amalgamation.

Veggie California Roll – pickled raddish, carrot and asparagus topped with sesame seeds. Veggie Philly Roll – cucumber, avacado and cream cheese. Asparagus tempura – crunchy asparagus, mayonnaise and sesame seeds sprinkled on top. Crunchy mushroom – crunchy spicy mushroom roll with fried mushrooms, mayo and topped with shichimi. The big chomp with crunchy sushi definitely were the highlight in this assortment.

Chicken ShogaYaki Bento Box – sticky rice, grilled chicken with spring onions and ginger, Japanese kimchi salad, shitake mushroom and bell pepper pickle and kakiage – crunchy tempura salad. They also have a pork option in the same Bento.

What you cannot miss at Sushi Haus? Crnchy mushroom, asparagus tempura and chicken katsu roll!

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