Little bundles of joy – Yum Yum Cha

Yum Yum Cha lures you in with its quirks and perks, peppy colours, origami at its best and a general chirpy ambiance. A pre-dominant white theme and open kitchen, with frames and napkins embroidered with Japanese favourites, this place omits a very fun Asian vibe with a tucked away gorgeous outdoor eating area. Play around with your chopsticks and taste the condiments while you wait for the fresh Asian to be served.

We started with an assortment of dimsums – the meaty ones first – crystal duck, prawn hargow, pink crab and chicken and chilly oil. The dimsums were ravishing – they come in steel steamers instead of the widely popularised bamboo ones . Thin skinned and well stuffed with fresh meat, gobble up the dimsums while they are still hot, and  mean piping hot. Loved the chicken and chilly oil and pink crab ones.


I can’t stress this fact enough these days, that being a non-vegetarian out and out, I can’t help but rave about vegetarian delicacies these days. Chilli cheese, cantonese veg, edamme & truffle and bok choy. I recommend the chilli cheese and edamme and truffle undoubtedly.

Coming to the sushi – Ebi tempura and volcano – ebi tempura, prawns, sesame seeds and mayo and Volcano, tuna, scallop, ponzu, spicy mayo and tobiko. Delicately wrapped in rice and drizzled over with mayo, the sushi was amazing. Dip it in some soy and you are golden.


Coming to the vegetarian sushi – Asparagus tempura and crispy cream – the asparagus tempura with its big crunch was simply divine.


We also tried the Japanese pizza – half and half tuna and truffle and pecking duck on a bed of crispies. Chunks of duck with delicious hoisin sauce drizzled over and fresh tuna with cream and onions. It was refreshing and a brilliant take on pizzas.


Thai green curry pepper pot with chicken and sticky rice – sticky rice served with the best, best green curry I have ever had. The flavors were so balanced and the lemongrass, lusciously creamy curry and succulent chicken were all perfect.

Three pepper sizzling noodles – with chicken, chestnut, corn and pepper – the noodle pot was spicy and very interestingly done. Mix and mash it all up and voila, a splendid whip up right there.


The fun bottles – watermelon and mint and thai orange and kafir lime – served in cute glass bottles and with alluring and equitable flavors – the Thai and kafir lime is a must have.

Rounding up the meal with the dessert favourites, we tried their mochi ice cream, belgian chocolate cheesecake and espresso creme brulee. The creme brulee was really one notch too string and could have faired better. The mochi ice cream, their signature dessert comes with a coating of sticky rice, we tried coconut and jaggery and rock road, both incredible. And since no meal is truly complete if you don’t hog on chocolate, the belgian chocoalte cheesecake was impeccable.

This is a must, must, must visit place, super colorful and flavors tantalizing and tickling your tastebuds.

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