Shots of Good Health by Kiva

Living by yourself means a lot of order in, deliveries and noodle and pasta boxes and however much I try to grab some detox water, I just end up using those extra minutes to take power naps (the weather can easily be blamed for longer tuck ins now) No doubt there are innumerable health food delivery outlets in Gurgaon with vegan, detox and glutten free meal options, but nothing beats the rawness of desi nuskhe.

Enter, KIVA – Your daily shot of health – curated with Ayurvedic recipes to suit the urban dweller’s daily needs. Kiva derived its name from “gentle” in Sanskrit and “protected” in Herbrew. Their philosophy rests on these two pillars -packing a punch but gently.

Pre-measured, ready to drink Ayurvedic health shots with no time boundation. They have four variants/flavors currently, each with a specific different purpose РAmla, Wheat grass,  Lemon Honey Cinnamon and Aloe Vera. They come in a pack of five in test tubes and are extremely reasonably priced Р5 shots for 100INR.

I sampled their AMLA – purposed for Immunity, Digestion and Energy – this one has a staunch and raw amla flavor and with the characteristic sweet after taste to the fruit.


Lemon Honey Cinnamon – one of my all time favorite detox combinations – designed for weight loss, stamina and bone strength – this slightly sweet concoction is quite delicious and super healthy.

Kiva aims to bring back the emphasis on Ayurveda and the local redily available ingredients. So get going and get your perfect shot of good health and take a shot anytime, anywhere, no fuss.

Find them here.