Millets dinner at SodaBottleOpenerWala

SodaBottleOpenerWala is known for hosting some amazing dinners – this time we were here at the DLF Cyberhub outlet for the super healthy millets dinner. In collaboration with Tasting India Symposium they created a course menu incorporating millets in the classic Parsi dishes.

Healthy Starters

We started with some delicious appetizers starting with gluten-free kaanda bhajiya. This is one of my personal favorites here. This one was made with millet flour instead of the regular one. Super crispy, and wiped clean off each time it came on the table and we couldn’t help but order more and more and more. Barnyard millet and Kera nu Cutlets – raw banana cutlets, chilies and barnyard millets and served with fresh mint chutney. Chicken Kevabs with Bhoot Jholakiya Mayo – minced succulent chicken mixed with bhoot jholakiya chillies, covered with millets making it a super hot bite.

Foxtail millet salad with gaur amli kachumbar – soft foxtail millet, fresh and ripe tomatoes, cucumber and onion kachumber tossed to make a refreshing salad. Chicken soup for the Bombaiyya soul – made with little millets, chicken broth, and bits of chicken, this soup was truly soul-warming in the chilly Delhi winters and the aftertaste of lemon adds the punch to the soup.

Healthy Mains

For mains, we tried some revamped classics. Chicken Mahiwal – a creamy chicken dish with cashew nuts and baked with cheese. Lather on some pav or try it with a bajra ki roti. Mutton berry pulav with barnyard millets – one of the Parsi favorites made with millets topped with lots of berries and nuts. Patra Ni Macchi with Proso Millet Khichdi – fish marinated and steamed in banana leaves served with a creamy millet khichdi.

For desserts,

We gorged on Jowar ka dalia with apple crumble, vanilla custard and ice cream and Ravo – a traditional Parsi dessert. A crunchy jowar dalia served with a warm apple crumble and served with freshly made vanilla custard. Topped with edible flowers, this crunchy dessert topped with fresh strawberries was absolutely delicious. Ravo served with chickoo, gooseberries, and strawberries – made with little millet, this Parsi kheer topped with fresh fruits is much like sooji ki kheer, just nobody had to force me to eat it.

Millets dinner was an amazing feast and super healthy. SodaBottleOpenerWala also hosts farmer’s markets every week, so stay tuned on their Instagram for more.