New Grill in Town – A Grill Company

A grill company is setting an example of innovation by mixing the world of Molecular Gastronomy and Indian Food, This is their USP.
A standard grill on the table set up with buffet system is what you will get here, Quirky interiors, Up Beat Music is what will set the mood for your meal. The cost of buffet is also economical here so it won’t burn a hole in your pocket too.


Coming to the Innovations with food, they have really thought about it and prepared dishes in a very unique way, The one thing that stood out was the Dhai Bhalla, Yes both the chutneys made into a ball with curd and bhalla as the base. It looks like ice cream but it is actually a Dhai Bhalla Sundae! Even Dahi Papdi had a dome of dhai on top of the Papdi Katori!

Coming up to the items on the Grill, one thing was that the servers were trained enough to tell us which skewer has what, they just knew about vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

The Appetizers weren’t special, out of Chicken Tangri, Chicken Malai Tikka, Chicken Wings, Shrimps and Seekh, The only two things that were good were the Shrimps and the Seekh Kebeb. Rest was just not upto the mark in terms of flavors and tenderness of chicken.


The vegetarian Starters were all good though, Paneer Tikka, Soya Chaap and even Mushrooms.

After an average Appetizers section we went to the main course, There were many types of salads and every one of them having different ingredients, these were really good!


Coming to the Elaborate Main Course, Mutton, Chicken, Fish, Biryani, Dal Batti, Dal Makhini, Matar Paneer, Methi Aloo are the names on the top of my head, there were some more.

These all were again average, The mutton Gravy was extraordinary with the amazing flavors but the mutton itself wasn’t good enough, and with the chicken it was cooked well but the gravy lacked the punch of flavors that it deserved.

Biryani was very fragrant and flavorful but on the other hand Dal Makhini had gobules of Cream this was maybe due to the fact that cream wasn’t made fine before addition. The Matar Paneer also was very simple, it was very homely dish subtle flavors all together.

Now out of the Desserts, The ChocoCoffee Mousse is a must try, out of the Indian ones I had the Phirnee in which the flavors of Elaichi were overpowering, later it was told that it’s sugar free so to patch over the aftertaste of Sugar free this has been done!


Now my expectations from this place were definitely high, and overall it did not satisfy me but it has recently opened and they seem to be improving with time.

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