#NewinTown Mr. Mamagoto

Who doesn’t love the quirk and comfort food at Mamagoto? My personal favorite remains their pan fried noodles, corn fritters and decadent brownie sundae. Be ready to welcome the uber chic, sophisticated with obvious quirk splashes – Mr. Mamagoto. Located at Cyberhub, this newbie is more upbeat than the classic Mamagoto with vintage pop art and pastel flowers. The pops of primary colors are so well done with their marble table tops, bright yellows and warm hospitality. Ideal for a quite meal with very interesting fusions in small and large Asian plates. Come and dive into the sophisticated goofiness of this newbie –

Started with some thirst quenchers – fresh fruits, topped with soda – so refreshing.

We started with the Pomegranate Veg Dimsum – thin skin, topped with crunchy pomegranate seeds and stuffed with a medley of freshly chopped vegetables. Prawn, Enoki and Sea weed Dumpling – the slightly sticky crystal dumpling is a fresh take away from the classic prawn hargow, minced prawn and mushrooms make for a very flavorsome bite. Char Siu Bao – steamed bun stuffed with barbequed pork – the sweet and saucy bao needed just a tad more stuffing to balance out the bun dough. The Pulled Pork Bao – on the other hand was simply gorgeous imparting a creamy crunchy bite.

Sushi – Salmon Onigiri served with tempura fried sea weed, soy, wasabi and ginger. Onigiri isn’t so common in Delhi, but Instagram is full of adorable pandas and bears as a result of Onigiri. This salmon sandwich is delicious and we really need more cute onigiri variations here. Tofu sushi stack – crunchy fried tofu topped with mayo and sesame seeds served on a bed of white rice meddled with coleslaw. Pair it with gari to pack more flavor punches.

Small Plates – Corn on the cob, the humble corn on the cob, grilled on a Robata grill, smothered with sriracha mayo and parmesan cheese and togarashi (Japanese for capsisum). The sweet and spicy crunchy cob with micro greens takes you on a nostalgic ride with a twist. Chicken Liver Pate Bahn Mi – chicken liver pate topped with sweet pickled vegetables, caramelized onions, sriracha sauce and crisp, buttered bruschetta. The creamy pate, smeared on the crunchy bruschetta, with balancing sweet flavors of the onions and pickled veggies. Oh, yumm. Poached prawns with chili lime jelly – poached prawns with green apple slices, a strong sense of kaffir lime and cool coconut milk dressing – summer perfect. Fried Goat Cheese Taco – panko crusted goat cheese propped on a soft shell taco with kimchi, mint and dried banana sides. Fried Calamari – baby calamari, battered with cornmeal and curry leaves – the juicy calamari and the familiar taste of curry leaves renders you loving calamari again.

Salads – Wasasbi Infused Smoked Chicken served with caramelized onion and a bunch of greens. The succulent chicken with smoky sweet flavors and leafy greens. Asian Panzanella – beans, snow peas, kidney beans, croutons and seeks with super healthy crunchy seeds and beets.

Large Plates – Baked Prawn with Thai Infused Oil – Baked buttery tiger prawns with thinly sliced garlic, bechamel sauce and cheese with rocket leaves and greens making for a fresh and very filling plate. Redang Curry – redang curry with succulent bits of chicken cooked with coconut milk and lemongrass making a smooth, zesty curry. Add some lime juice to it and enjoy with the flaky malabar parantha. Surin Beach breakfast – a fluffy omelette with pound chicken Thai sausages and tossed sticky fried rice, this plate could use some brekky greens to make it a wholesome meal. Sweet Potato and Oyster Mushroom Skewers – sweet potatoes and mushrooms grilled on skewers and served with pistachio pasta and charred green chillies. Asian Quiche – a buttery base with mushrooms and red curry reduction topped with rocket leaves salad.

Desserts – Hot Panookie – a huge chocochip cookie topped with a scoop of vanilla and sprinkled with sea salt, the melting chocolaty flavors work well with the sea salt. White chocolate Panna Cotta – served with raspberry sorbet and mixed berry mush. Coconut Custard – topped with gooey sugar syrup, grilled banana and macaroon dust, be sure to gobble this with all the accompaniments.

Fix your date with Mr. Mamagoto and experience all its awesomeness and craftly curated menu. My favourites from the extensive spread – the chicken liver pate, salmon onigiri, fried calamari and redang curry.
Where? DLF Cyberhub
Price for two – 2200INR approx
Cuisine – Pan Asian
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