The Portuguese Connection at Lady Baga

Delhi lost its wits when Lady Baga was launched, this Goa themed piece is almost always packed – the beach shack bar, sand in your toes, a separate smoking zone (much reminiscent to those knacks of Goa) and a first floor with the signature Volkswagen transporter to take you back to the Sixties and re-live the hippie era. With dream catchers and pops of colors, Lady Baga has recently launched a special Portuguese menu – think succulent meats, lots of fries and curries. They have launched it in addition to their regular Goan menu, find our favourites as we taste through all the exquisite dishes! Oh and not to forget, the stellar cocktails they are churning out.

We started with the Tawny Baga, Madeira Vida, After 8 at Baga and Agave Foosball and a round of shots, because well, GOA. Very well curated drinks, my favourite from the lot was the After 8 at Baga, chocolate syrup, fresh mint leaves, vodka and topped with whipped cream, this refreshing drink is much reminiscent of the after 8 mint chocolate. Do try their shots too, a little bigger than the usual 40mL, it comes in fun bottles and the blueberry was brilliant.

To start with, munch on some Batata Fritas, tried the Lava fries and Bacon fries – crunchy flavorsome fries loaded with goan masalas, curry leaves, jalapenos, black olives and fresh parsley. The bacon fries were INSANE, the sticky delish bacon with an irresistible smoky flavor and topped with mozzarella. Yellow Cheddar with Kale and Cherry Tomatoes Toastie – lots of cheese, crispy kale leaves and punchy cherry tomatoes on a toastie. Cheese and Fig Toastie – dried figs, shallots, mozzarella and mayo – the sweetness of the figs work very well with the cheese and both the toasties are among the best and cheesiest veg bites! Torradas de Camaro – Prawn Toast – round mini toasties topped with cheesy prawns lined with a special Goan sauce. I had one too many helpings of this and it was amazing!   FOFOS – Red Snapper Fish Rolls – Fofos are traditional fried Goan fish rolls made with fresh fish. Pair it with one of the saucy dips or prawn achar to bring out the flavors nicely.

Vinhad’alhos Stuffed Mushrooms – button mushrooms stuffed with herds, yellow cheddar and baked with a splash of white wine, again a very cheesy bite balancing the flavors with the herbs. Almondegas de Pixie Fish Cakes – Baked in cutesy silicon cups, these fish cakes topped with cheese and crunchy greens makes for a very tantalizing and fusion bite. Francesinha Pork Sandwich – this club sandwich is what dreams are made of. Toasted bread sandwiching succulent pork belly, sticky smoked bacon, baked with lots of cheese and topped with a fried egg. The meaty cheese loaded sandwich paired with one of their cocktails is ideal for brunch.

Large Plates – Sunday Roast – a Sunday special curry, this one is almost a home cooked on the bone chicken curry with desi masalas and baby potatoes paired with pav. Pork Sorpotel – a Konkan delicacy, this diced pork curry is super spicy and a tad bit tangy. Packing a lot of flavors, this pair this pork curry with rice to neutralize the flavours. Batata Bravas with Tomato Frittata – flat pancakes with spicy potatoes tossed with tomatoes, onions and cilantro. Caldinha – tried this coconut based yellow curry with fish and prawns both. Lightly spiced and tossed with gherkins, the prawn curry was much more satiating than the fish. Pilaf with Chicken – rice cooked with turmeric a tomato based thick, spicy chicken curry. Peri Peri Grilled Chicken – the African-Portuguese spicy infused chicken, grilled with herbs and potato twisties.

Desserts – Apple Crepe Suzette – Crepes filled with warm cinnamon apples and served with toffee sauce, ice cream and with a wine flambee, which I preferred the dessert without. Serradura – this dessert is the ultimate show stopper, condensed milk layered with crumbled biscuits and whipped cream topped with a little toffee sauce. The cream, decadent dessert is absolutely marvelous and is gone in seconds.

Lady Baga has outdone itself with the new menu – don’t miss out on their bacon fries, toasties (yes, all of them!) pork sandwich and serradura. Oh, love!
Where? P Block, next to Uttam’s
Cost for two – 1600INR approx
Cuisine – Goan, Portuguese