Of exquisite nitty gritties.

Where we come from, going to a museum or art gallery on a date would constitute as either a very cheap or a very geek move. But with the liberation of mind and soul and the strong American influences, art cafes are something of a new found love. Located inside an art gallery, onlooking an amphitheater is another hidden gem, Triveni Terrace Cafe. A mix of outdoor and indoor seating, the cafe is an easy going, no fuss zone. They have a simple menu and everyday lunch and snack specials are displayed on the archaic blackboard. The ambiance of this Lilliputian cafe is most exquisite, lush greens acting as a tranquilizer lead you away to a sedation so peaceful that it is surreal. The white garden chairs, use of bamboo sticks as candle stands and a bamboo sticks lined roof. The food is very homely, chai and pakoras are hot favourites after the tour of the art gallery.




Bun kebab – the green, homemade bun with minced meat and onions.


Fried chicken with mint chutney – fried with breadcrumbs to make it crispy. Add a dash of lemon juice to make it more flavoursome.

The food is just passable but I have a hunch that the lunch menu will be quite interesting, so definitely going back for more paintings, plays and pabulum.

Find the cafe – Triveni Terrace Cafe, 205, TanSen Marg, Opposite FICCI Auditorium, Mandi House, New Delhi.