A Craftsy Catch-up!

Not many people knew about the Crafts Museum located at Bhairon Marg, Pragati Maidan, until its in-house Cafe, became one of the most sought after places for a cozy meal bringing you a notch closer to your roots. The Crafts Museum, soon to be converted into the Hastkala Academy holds in itself centuries of traditional textiles, historic sculptures, illustrious paintings and books. They have a gift shop where you can find traditional artifacts from across the country and they almost always have a special craft documentary playing, enlightening us about the Block print world of Ajrakh or the displaying the beauties of Kantha. Cafe Lota, is captivating with its bamboo lined roof, mirror work on walls and serene live music. They serve an array of nation wide delicacies, some hot favourites including, Kerala Vegetable Stew, Kathal ki Biryani, Chicken 65 and Masala Chaach.


The tranquilizing ambiance works wonders irrespective of the weather and the dining experience surrounded by tradition and warmth shouldn’t go amiss.


Kerala Vegetable Stew – The refreshing coconut curry laced with vegetables served with a soft, sticky appam.


“Bhatt ki churkani, Aloo ke gutke, Bhaang ki chutney” – delicacies from Uttarakhand. The mild flavoured bhaat, tangy yogurt, crispy potatoes, ragi ki roti, rice and the show stopper and hypnotic, bhaang ki chutney.


Chicken 65 – Originally from Chennai but rather popular as an Andhr-ite dish, tender, succulent, saucy pieces of fried chicken served in a bowl made of the traditional South Indian papad.


Parsi Salli Boti – A thick tomato-onion gravy mutton dish topped with grated, fried potatoes and served with a parantha. The tender, flavoursome mutton pieces infused with the effortless Parsi flavours makes this dish an ambrosial ensemble.