Penfolds in India – Wine Tasting

Wine is bottled poetry – the sheer joy of a glass of wine or a crazy sangria makes the evening so much more interesting. Penfolds is an Australian legacy and they are just starting to pour in the Indian market. Available at select stories including Godrej’s Nature’s Basket, Penfolds is starting in the bracket of about 2500 INR. Australian brand’s journey started with Dr Christopher and Mary Penfolds, when the medicinal qualities of wine lead Mary Penfolds to plant a vineyard and watch it flourish to no extent.
What sets the company apart is the experimentation and newness in wine making – the legacy passed on by Mary Penfolds. The wines saw another break through when Max Schubert, errand boy and then Chief Winemaker producing the longer lasting fine wine range – Grange.
This Wine Tasting master class was held at the lush and opulent Leela Palace, Chanakyapuri – conducted by Sam Stephens and we were taken through two varieties of white – Koonunga Hill Autumn Kiesling 2004 and Kanoonga Hill Chardonay and four reds – Kanoonga Hill Shiraz Carbaret,  Bin 2 Shiraz Mataro, Bin 28 Kalmina Shiraz and Bin 407 Cabernet Sauvignon 2014.

We were carefully taken through each wine, with the nitty gritties, flavors, food that would go alongside and the distinct differentiation among the varieties.

My personal favourites among the lot – Bin 2 Shiraz Mataro with its sweet/spicy and very aromatic flavor and the Bin 28 Kalmina Shiraz – the 100% Shiraz with a slight sweet, dark fruit tinge, pepper and liquorice, matured in American oak with a strong vanilla taste.
Paired with freshly baked bread, cheese, nuts and red grapes, this wine tasting sure made us more sound and  made us relish the wines even more.
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