Dining inside the Parsi Household at Rustom's Bhonu

Parsi food always evokes a feeling of homecoming and leaves me with a satiating warmth – from trying my hands at Akuri as a kid and cooking Mutton Salli Boti for Christmas lunch. The simplicity of their food, the slight sweetness and the lingering flavors almost always leaves me craving for more. Rustom’s Parsi Bhonu has been on my wishlist FOREVER and we finally managed to witness the homely magic.
Located at Adchini, the eatery emits very homely vibes with wooden cabinets, sturdy furniture, classics black frames, cream colored walls and warm hospitality.

We started by munching on the complimentary papad and sipping on cold coffee and lemongrass and green apple iced tea – super refreshing!
Rustoms (9)

Papad with a sweet mint chutney

Rustoms (10)

Cold Coffee

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Lemongrass and green apple iced tea

Keema samosas – crispy fried with a buttery, flaky texture on the outside, stuffed with minced mutton, caramelized onions adding a sweet tinge and robust flavors mingling with the mint chutney.
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Mutton keema samosa

Mains included – Mutton Salli Boti and Buttered Pav, Masala Kolmi and Parsi Rotli. The Mutton salli boti piled with crunchy straw potatoes, the boneless pieces of mutton were so so succulent and the slight sweetness of jaggery made this by far one of the best salli boti preparations ever. Paired with soft, fresh buttered pavs, the combination was incredible. Masala kolmi – a thick brown masala with crunch caramelized onions and small prawns paired with the soft parsi rotlis. With curry leaves and the signature sweetness, the prawns cold have been the more juicier kind.
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Dinner scenes

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Salli Boti with Pav

Rustoms (16)

Masala Kolmi and Parsi Rotli

We ended our meal with chef’s complimentary dessert – Lagan Nu Custard – the traditional wedding custard – the caramel custard with dry nuts – creamy and very satiating.
Rustoms (19)

Lagan nu Custard

Rustoms (18)

The antique magnifying glass comes with the bill 😀

You absolutely can’t miss this gem of a place, visit them for their warmth and don’t forget to chomp on their Salli Boti.
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