Raise, The Bar

Clarens hotel has been attracting a lot of attention over the period of years due to its prime location of being in a corner and having the view of the city on 3 sides. Top floor was originally a rooftop pool which is now a smashing bar called Raise, The Bar.

It actually is a very vibrant place chilled out atmosphere, a huge space with couches, high chairs, a well-lit bar that ties it all together and experienced bartenders that will make sure that your drink is according to your palate.
This is a place in Gurgaon, Sector 29 that enjoys breathtaking views of the city on 3 sides which on an evening filled with boozy cocktails will be one to remember. We attended the Launch Party which was an experience in itself, EDM music, cocktails & straights pouring from the bar, live grill on the rooftop and plenty of memories.
Watch this video to get a feel of the ambience at Raise, The Bar!

Coming to the cocktails, we had a Old Fashioned which was served in a short glass but the classic combination of Jim Beam, Sugar and orange had crafted beautifully by the bartender. They also have Bira on tap which can actually be a pretty good option when here for a casual evening.
The Tapas were pretty amazing too, we had a limited selection for the evening which included some chicken skewers, Lamb ribs, Cheese and Chilli bites, all three were great.
Another cocktail that was nailed was Espresso Martini, A vodka based drink instead of the usual Gin with espresso shot and baileys, another one in the book nailed to perfection!
Raise, The Bar has proved that it’s here to give you an experience like no other and with the right attraction it will surely be your next party place!

Creative Cover image courtesy: Raise, The Bar Facebook page.