Trotting in Dwarka – street favourites

Dwarka is one of those havens that is still unexplored when it comes to street food. Sure,  the locals all have their favourites and each community market turns into a mini khau gali post sunset, not many foodies have explored this part of Delhi. For me, this is my go to place when it comes to tandoori momos, the shawarma does leave you satiated and the rolls are so, so juicy.

First stop – 34, Chowringhee Lane at Sector 6, DDA Market

The flaky rolls, perfect crispy roti, fresh meat and no misery shown in stuffing, a single roll looks that big and lots of sauce. They add this really tangy sauce, so be sure to customize it the way you prefer to suit your palate. Another plus, this particular Chowringhee is located near a Subway, and they are always baking fresh breads and it is impossible to not pop into it.

kolkata roll

Single chicken, single egg roll

Uncle’s Shawarma, Sector 6, DDA Market

I love Lebanese – it is light, yummy and so healthy. But I also love my first introduction to Lebanese, the desi shawarma rolls. Well-pound grilled chicken, a lightly toasted roti, desi mayonnaise, and mint chutney. This super yummy roll is so, so satiating and will cost you only but 60 bucks.

Dwarka, Sector 6

Chicken Shawarma

Afghani Momos, at A-1 Momos

There are tonnes of places doing good tandoori momos, this place vaguely reminds you of Hunger Strike. The tandoori momos are well grilled, with a nice coal aroma, tossed in just the right amount of cream, it is simply yummy.

Afghani Momos

Chicken Afghani momos

Street favorites, at Sighri, Sector 9 (Just behind Sector 9 Metro Station)

Sighri is your regular sweet shop with an open street food corner. They have some pretty crazy raj kachauri and stuffed gol-gappa chaat. The regular choley bhaturey and kulcha grub is pretty neat too and oh, yes, hygienic. They also do some pretty cool vegetarian kebabs and platters post sunset. Perfect for a quick grab.

Tandoori momos at KC Restaurant, Ramphal Chowk

KC or Kitchen Caboodle is hands down the BEST place for tandoori momos. These huge chicken momos have been by far the most consistent momos and they still taste just as they did  years ago. The chicken is always, always fresh and grilled to perfection, they come in four flavours – classic tandoori, afghani, achari and malai. Their Achari momos are the best and finish up very quickly, so catch them when they open, around 5.30 PM.

Do hit us up with any street favourites of your own in Dwarka (or have trouble locating ours) or anywhere else for that matter, would love to try them out. Always on a look out for some place to beat KC when it comes to tandoori momos.