A Reloaded Parsi affair at SodaBottleOpenerWala!

SodaBottleOpenerWala is the first place that pops to mind whenever I think of Parsi fanfare and has always been a favorite with many visits prior the launch of new menu recently. We tried almost all of the new quirks to the SodaBottleOpenerWala Reloaded menu, and a daily special which on a Sunday was the Chicken Sanju baba, it is a dish from Noor Mohammadi, a Bombay restaurant opposite Bhendi Bazaar, whose recipe is supposed to have been given to them by actor Sanjay Dutt is served.

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We started off with Chilli Cheese Chicken Pav, 2 opened pav’s topped with cheese and onions and bit sized pieces of chicken. Yes this was spicy but was relished to the core!


Next up the Carnivores Bhel or basically Corn Bhel, served with tangy saunth and mint chutney, the bhel had tiny pieces of chicken, crispy bacon & ham. While the flavors in the chat were subtle it was only after adding oodles of sweet and tangy tam rind chutney and the spicy mint chutney that it actually turned into a chat!

The Chicken soup was up next which was a slight put off; we couldn’t finish even the smallest of serving.

The Adu Tedhu Babycorn Fry was another turn off, while the Parsi cuisine is very simple this was stretching it. Served with green Chutney and Mayo, these Baby Corns had nothing special, it had a underlying taste of the masala coating but it was hardly coming out. Avoidable.

Bhuna Chicken Sandwich was very flavorful but the sandwich was grilled a bit too much which marred the filling. It was an assimilation of good things squeezed into something it shouldn’t.

Coming to the Main Course, which actually was the savior for the day.
Parsi Style Jumbo Prawn, Shelled prawn juicy & mildly spiced and nicely done along with the shell, it was served with a portion of steamed rice and spicy ras. This was one dish where you have to get yourself to do the messy task of breaking the shell and taking out the edible part and eating it with rice and the gravy! A must try for Prawn Lovers!

Next was a vegetarian specialty the Khatu meethu pumpkin,it is a very common dish made at a regular household but SBOW and has added certain flavors which are profound and transcend the ordinary.
Paneer sanju baba wwas the daily special as already mentioned, it was served with malai parantha.  This cottage cheese delicacy had whole spices with a tangy tomato based gravy. A heaven for vegetarians.

Bambaiya chicken biryani, while Biryani’s are a dime a dozen from Awadhi to Hyderabadi, this one was a typical Bombay street preparation. A mild amalgamation of spices give along with tender chicken give this a typical Awadhi feel but the flavors aren’t similar.


The winner was the Tarela rainbow trout, baked with special parsi spices, it was a treat to the eyes as well as the tongue. It was cooked to perfection and the flavors were deeply seated inside. The fish was done beautifully thus the meat was coming off the bone with the touch of the hand, another dish to be had by hand maybe in a Bengali style. A clear winner a must try for all seafood lovers!



Matunga Coffee Cake

The desserts were up next, out of  Matunga Coffee Cake. Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheese Cake, White Chocolate Orange Brownie, matunga Coffee cake was the best of all. The powerful flavor of matunga coffee cake with a layer of Whiskey caramel sauce was a sure hit! This one is a specialty and you wont find it in all outlets of SBOW. White chocolate orange brownie had a distinct homemade vanilla orange sweetness all encompassed in a moist interior! Another must try!


Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake

The Parsi Palate is indeed a different one but a must try, Chef Anahita Dhondy’s magic really comes out in these preparations especially the Fish and the Prawns!

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