Sandwishes fulfilled with Twigly

Twigly is a delivery only app bringing to you a range of lip-smacking sandwiches, rice meals, pasta and healthy appetizers. Their philosophy is simple – with a daily changing menu plus their all time favorites, they bring to you a fresh and healthy assortment in 45 minutes flat or it is on the house. They take pride in their sandwiches and I happened to try a few of their palatable specialties.

Their packaging is minimal and pretty tight. Starting wit cajun spiced grilled chicken with pita bread and tzatziki. The chicken was very well marinated, and grilled to a juicy perfection. Served alongside fresh pita, extremely fresh tzatziki and pickled beetroot, this was all in all a gorgeous and flavorsome ensemble.


Arabiatta pasta with vegetables served with a slice of garlic bread. The penne was done a tad bit past al dente with crunchy fresh veggies and a tangy arabiatta sauce. The garlic bread was crispy, zesty and very nicely buttered.And went surprisingly well with the tzatziki as well.


Coming to their house favorites – the sandwiches – I chose their chicken ham and rocket leaves sandwich and hummus and peas patty sandwich. The sandwich boxes come in wrapped admirably with ketchup, mustard and complete with a cookie.


The chicken ham and rocket leaves sandwich came in a crunchy white bread, lightly dusted and lightly buttered – the chicken ham was fresh with rocket leaves and pickles – this was truly delightful, very subtly flavored and yet delectable.


The hummus and peas patty – a multi-grain sandwich with fresh, smooth hummus, crispy peas patty and jalapenos. The hummus made for a pretty unusual spread, with lettuce and jalapenos. The peas patty itself was a little dry but the hummus made up for it. The whole-wheat coconut cookie was a pretty nice munch after the sandwich.


What not to miss at Twigly? Their range of sandwiches and I am completely in love with their cajun spiced chicken and pita bread. The range of breads they serve is delightful and you mustn’t miss on these.

Find them here.

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