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Sangria, goblets, barrels and cheese – The Wine Company is your ideal date night spot with the cozy ambiance, candle lit tables, fairy lights and a flowing supply of sangria. With barrels, wooden plank tables, retro black boards and a dimly lit ambiance, the mood is set right with the fine preparations and loads of wine.

Sangria and wine – their extensive collection is very impressive and they whip some gorgeous sangrias -favs include sparkling wine and beer sangria.
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Pear Sangria

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A glass of white Chardonnay

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Sparkling wine sangria with pears

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Pineapple infused beer sangria

We started by munching Crispy bacon with wine butter sauce bruschetta Рhome baked bruschetta, slightly buttered and topped with the finest quality delish crisp bacon and button mushrooms. It comes with a creamy wine butter sauce that completes the ensemble with magnificence.
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Crispy bacon and wine butter sauce bruschetta

Chilled watermelon, tender coconut, mixed lettuce and spicy mango salad – this is one of the Lookers that gets heads turned. A watermelon base with crunchy lettuce, zucchini noodles, finely sliced mangoes and flat noodles topped with balsamic vinegar and mango extract. This summer essential is a must have.
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Chilled watermelon, mango and tender coconut salad

Chicken olive tapenade skewers – chunks of well marinated succulent chicken, muddled green and black olives and skewered to a perfect gusto.
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Chicken olive tapenade skewers

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Chunks of olives infused with the chicken make for a yummy bite

Lasagne of minced chicken, fine herbs and tomato cream sauce – soft lasagne sheets layered with minced chicken, slow cooked in a flavorsome thick tomato sauce. Topped with mozzarella and pesto, this lasagne was very well done and served with a freshly baked garlic bread.
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Chicken Lasagne

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Bell pepper, caramelized onions, mushroom and scarmoza with roasted garlic – a thin crust pie topped with fresh garden vegetables – red, yellow and green bell pepper, caramelized onions, mushrooms, yummy cheese and a whole lot of roasted garlic which by the way tasted delectable.
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Desserts – warm chocolate mudcake with vanilla ice cream – a gooey sinful dark chocolate cake topped with an ice cream scoop, more chocolate sauce and sugar work crisps. Caramel crusted pie with Bailey’s jam – I always feel you can just not go wrong with chocolate, the other flavours are more difficult to perfect. This caramel crusted pie was absolutely tantalizing with Bailey’s jam.
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Chocolate mud cake

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Caramel crusted pie with Bailey’s jam

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Wine Company for an extensive wine collection, sangria, bruschetta and caramel crusted pie. {And long conversations in pretty places}
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