#AllNewDominos #BadalGaya

#AllNewDominos , Finally the campaign of #BadalGaya has yielded such beautiful results, We used to rejoice everytime dominos brought a new product to the market, The cheese burst was the best addition to their arsenal, we loved their quattro-formaggi-burst and the Pan Base, Now Dominos has done wonders with the base, their toppings, the base sauce and even the cheese.
Dominos Badal Gaya (1)Dominos Badal Gaya (6)
The base is now softer and the sides don’t feel dry, the sauce is tangier and bas a bit of chilli in it. The toppings are chunkier, and flavorful on their own. We had the Peppy Paneer pizza which had huge pieces of marinated paneer, the spice used on the pieces was very flavorful.
Dominos Badal Gaya (7)Dominos Badal Gaya (8)
The other pizza was Farmhouse, the classic farmhouse has bigger slices of mushroom and actual bit of the mushroom is felt in the pizza!
Another thing that you can notice is the glaze on the pizza, they have most probably drizzled some olive oil on top to give that glaze which actually makes the colors come out!
Dominos Badal Gaya (4)
I can assure you #TheAllNewDominos is better than ever, and now I just can’t wait to try Cheese Burst in the new avatar!