Street Savories at KC

Kitchen Caboodle lights up as the sun goes down with a music system playing peppy tunes, a mocktail corner, tandoori momos’ palatable preparations in addition to the regular menu. The place has featured in Zomato’s “Trending this week” list, which is no laughing matter! I have frequently visited this place to satiate my Momos’ cravings.

The variety offered by KC is intriguing – tandoori momos, afghani momos, tandoori malai momos and achari momos in addition to the regular steamed and fried ones.

Steamed chicken momos – Thin skinned, loaded with chicken done to perfection teamed with chilly sauce, mayonnaise and mustard mayo. The chicken happens to be really good in this little shack – both the quantity and quality are topnotch. Recently momos were started to be served with mayonnaise and was really appreciated by the masses – try these momos with their signature mustard mayo and you will discover some terrific flavours.

Steamed momos

Tandoori chicken momos – from the curator of tandoori momos – QD’s, the dish has moved to the streets, has been reformed, refined and presented as a perfect tandoori delight. The classic tandoori momos are huge, spicy and grilled on charcoal for a perfect smoky falvour.

Tandoori momos

Afghani chicken momos – made very much like afghani tikka – the afghni tikka marinade with juicy chunks of chicken, lavvha onions and mint chutney in addition to their regular ones.

Afghani momos

Malai tandoori momos – afghani momos roasted and tossed in malai. The creamy texture and the tandoori momos taste simple ravishing.

Malai momos

The achari momos is their hot seller and its very difficult to get your hands on this one! Visit this place right at 6PM and you just might be lucky. The marinade is tangy and very unique. Pair it with classic mayo for some yumminess!

Achari momos (1)

Also tried some messy Chinese snack – honey chilly potato tossed with green capsicums and onions. Crispy fried, saucy and spicy – it lacked the right amount of honey but the dish is really hot and its perfect for a cold winter evening!

Honey chilly potato

Honey chilly chicken – the chicken counterpart of the dish is much nicer. Obviously! The thing about KC is that the quality of chicken they serve is very fresh unlike a lot of street places. Shredded chicken fried and tossed with green capsicum and onions and drizzled with just a little honey. Delectable!

Honey chilly chicken

Head down to Kc, for some toothsome momo preparations and street chinese!

Find the restaurant here.