Delve into the ever vibrant Lajpat Nagar!

Winters are the perfect time to chomp on street delicacies – hot tikkis and mouth-watering tikkas. So, this winter I thought of taking a walk down to the famous and the hidden gems on the streets. My first stop – the chirpy, packed market of Lajpat Nagar.

This South Delhi market packs a full punch of shopping, street yummies and some very off-beat nitty-gritties.

Aloo Chaat

Started off the trail with a crisp aloo chaat – deep fried potatoes sprinkled with chaat masala- totally worth the calories.



Lajpat nagar is a one-stop destination for shopaholics – from junk jewelry to glitzy glamorous gear. The place holds some loaded fabric shops where you can find all kinds of brocades and silks, embroidered patches and scuba knit. A day in Lajpat Nagar is power packed especially during the winter season. You will find the streets and crevices brimming with glamorous bangles, junk jewelry. And if you have got the eye, you might even find a couple of very unique and elegant pieces.


Another thing that you will find in abundance in Lajpat nagar are duppattas and soles. Exquisite yards that will make you want to buy them in an instance. There is actually a shop called “Ghoonghat” in one of the galis and they stock stoles and scarves of all the kinds you can possibly imagine!


Sweet Potato Chaat

Take a break from the shopping spree and enjoy some winter specials – char-grilled sweet potatoes fondly called as shakarkandi. Top it with some masala and you have one hell of a combo!


Choley Kulche

One of my favourite lunch options in Lajpat is definitely the choley-kulche wala. This guy has been there for years now. It is now served at 35INR for a plate of spicy choley and three toasted kulchas. A lot of places serve choley kulche on the streets but the spices and preparation of the choley that this guy does is exemplary.



And the best thing about these markets remain to be the simplicities that you find in the gallis – spotted a bunch of bright, kite paper chakris which took on a nostalgic toll!


Ram Laddoo

Another very famous joint is the staple street serving gol-gappas, tikki, pav bhaji and their famous – moong dal laddoos or also called ram laddoo. Crispy hot tikkis, pang of cold yogurt, sweet tamarind chutney and spicy mint – so many flavours packed into one tiny paper plate. Mind boggling!


The moong dal laddoos served here are amazing – the spectacular speed with which they make moong dal pakodas is astounding. Piping hot, ridiculously soft and crispy, topped with shredded radishes and mint and tamarind chutney.



If you are a knitting enthusiast (like me) find amazing varieties of hand knitting wool here in all sorts of colours and textures. You can also find beautiful patches, trims, buttons and yarns.

Party Supplies

There is a shop where you can find supplies for parties and they stock fad specials according to every big event coming up – HalloweenenDiwali, new year!



Picked a roasted bhutta on the way back – even though I have always associated corns with summer holidays and monsoons, you pretty much get them at all times of the year now. Pick up a hot roasted one or a sweet steamed one!


Didn’t catch the famous momos or hit any cafes but there is always a next time – stay tuned for more street favourites and yummy trail.

Happy Hogging!