Sundays are ideal days for lazy lunches, aimless drives and stopping for quick munchies. And even though nothing is more exciting than sleeping in late and submerge in a laid back drunch, nothing is quite exciting than hopping on from place to place, uncouthing new and exciting places and returning back to all time favourites.
After an extensive and a rather humid Chandni Chowk food walk – we dreadfully craved air conditioning and satiating coolers – and our go to place for eggs, bacon and brekky trays – Odeon Social came to our rescue. We swamped on an Oreo mud pot shake each and saddlebag pancakes – fluffy pancakes stuffed with bacon and chicken sausages and topped with two fried eggs. With a generous pour of maple syrup, this makes for quite a titillating bite.
{Social has added some new things on their menu and we can NOT wait to try them!}

june (10)

Saddlebag pancakes at Odeon Social

After a hearty breakfast at Bread and More,  we found ourselves in a fix to spend the rest of the day. After meandering in the quiet GK 1 market (since most of the things were still shut) and checking out the crajjyy sales at Select City Walk, we were almost retiring for the day before we decided to go street hopping. Tummy Section, at Tilak Nagar rose to fame thanks to its creamy chicken lollipop, momos and chicken shawarma. We wanted to try all three but were reduced to only the chicken shawarma, unavailability is a bummer. The shawarma could not live up to our high expectations – the chicken should have been much more grilled and the desi pita roti too needed more heat.

Chicken shawarma at Tummy Section

Baffled, we now wanted to get our hands on something “nice”, when we headed towards Paschim Vihar – Keema and roomali roti at Five Star Dhaba rose magnificently to satiate out taste buds and appetites. As expected, the dhaba without any fanfare has tables sprewn outside and a tiny indoors. Famous for its mutton keema, you can choose your portion size and if you would prefer some meaty pieces along with the minced meat. We went for the smallest quarter portion and the spicy gravy was beyond amazing. This plate is a part from the portion and we had plenty left for dinner. The owner is very friendly and courteous, do visit them before 3.ooPM to get your hands on the tandoori breads.

Mutton Keema, roomali roti at Five Star Dhaba, Paschim Vihar

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Stay tuned for more Sunday adventures. Happy Chomping until 🙂