World's Best Pancakes here in India, IHOP is in town!

4th June 2017, IHOP opens its doors to the public in India. The best of waffles, pancakes, made to order breakfast samplers and shakes all comes to Gurgoan DLF Cyber Hub.
IHOP plans to expand to the rest of the country soon to give consumers an experience of IHOP the American way. While an American chain, IHOP comes to India with a lot of research on the Indian market, their pancakes are delicious without the use of eggs in them, so go ahead and try these pancakes!
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We started off our journey into the best options at IHOP with some Chicken Wings, and a breakfast tray with eggs, bacon, sausages hash browns and a berry shake. The runny eggs are just perfect though they could give brown eggs as an option too. The chicken wings were tender and juicy though a tad bit salty.

You could even try the Omlette, 4 eggs which are fluffy and they even use a bit of pancake mix in the egg mixture to make them extra fluffy, rolled with lots of vegetables or an option of lamb with ketchup on the side! This is a must order, I fell in love with the consistency and the softness of the eggs.
The drink that was loved was Berry Blast, richness of berries combined together perfectly in a smooth mixture and served in a tall glass. Another must have!

Coming to the pancakes, we had the New York Cheesecake Pancake with berry topping, so this pancake has pods or depressions in them with a cheesecake mixture in them. When taking a bite of that portion, it really opens up a whole different world of flavors. A must have!
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The normal pancakes were tried with Double Blueberry topping, excess of blueberries on top of two very soft and fluffy pancakes. Deliciousness guaranteed. PS: do try their Maple syrup which is practically out of this world.
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The hazelnut chocolate banana waffles were also tired, they aren’t very crispy so if you like your waffles extremely crispy you should tell them beforehand.
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So Final verdict, IHOP will be very well established in the Indian market a few weeks from now, be it for dessert or for breakfast you have to visit this place!
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