Bake away with Truffle Nation

After a scholastic fair at school, I came home with a DIY book and was gaga over trying each and everything there was to try and everything that was available in the Indian Markets then. One thing that especially stuck with me was the chocolate brownie and going from 13 to 17 years I passionately baked brownies and fudges and tried ardently to find a bottomless tin in my budget to make cheesecake and tarts and pies. That however never happened and I grew out of my favorite hobby reasoning it was one too many calories because I ended up eating the whole thing later (but obvious!)
But the bug never left me. Post my brief baking experience, I could never eat half heartedly baked cakes and am forever on the prowl for the right gooey chocolatey brownie. So when I got a chance to attend Truffle Nation – the gourmet baking school, I obviously grabbed it in an instant.
Truffle Nation is a gourmet baking school and they have diverse courses if you want to learn how to bake from scratch. They have pies, cakes, macaroons, gourmet calsses and more.
With dedicated work stations, top notch ingredients and easy to follow recipes. We took their pies and tarts class and had a blast! The chef is super helpful, the instructions are very comprehensive and the results make you feel like a conqueror. They have great quick tips and tricks and with a little patience and just the right amount of ingredients, you too get to be a pro at it.

We tried our hands at American banana cream pie and Nutty chocolate hazelnut mousse tart and they turned out to the pretty darn good.
Truffle Nation (7)
PS – you get to take back all your dishes and savor it with your family and friends. <3
You can find Truffle Nation here and try them for your own self.