Dine in the clouds

One of the most legendary and picturesque restaurants of the city is Parikrama – the revolving restaurant. A private lift leads you to the topmost floor of the Antariksha Bhawan in Connaught Place, where this monumental joint stands un-whithered through years. The old world charm in-tact, you will be greeted by a warm-faced server and shown to the comfortable, plush couches. Like a romantic dance figurine in a snowball, the restaurant takes one turn in about 90 minutes and takes you on a tour of this vivacious city.


View of the city from the revolving restaurant.

The food is only second to the gorgeous ambiance. They serve a variety of cuisines but I strongly recommend Indian- the well done, toothsome meats,  thick, ambrosial gravies, and soft pieces of bread only add to the romance of this city.


Kebab Platter – Tandoori delicacies served with mint chutney and salad. The melt in your mouth texture of the meats and the captivating flavours are delightful against the city as the backdrop.

Luscious Kadhai Chicken with garlic naan.

Luscious Kadhai Chicken with garlic naan.

Many other revolving restaurants have opened up in other cities but the charm of this whimsical place is still perfect for a romantic meal or a laid back catch-up.