Wildfire – Brazilian Buffet Scenes

Live Grills and Buffet meals? What is so great and exciting to be penned down about those anyway? Well, WILDFIRE is all set to take you by surprise. The fire themed Brazilian restaurant with a gorgeous huge windowpanes, fire shining through, ornate chandeliers and mirror work, an opulent cheese platter and a fancy AF salad bar. Giving you an insight to the Brazilian deliciousness – they have created an experience more than just a live grill, interacting with the chefs who explain all the dishes. The USP is the marination, and the true flavours of the meats instead of fussy dressing.

They have an awesome salad bar with dragon fruit, water melon, cheese and cold cuts. Started with their fresh bread basket, the soup sticks were a piece of art,teamed with their crushed olive dip, it was so lipsmacking.
Wildfire (3)
They have a gorgeous wine cellar if you prefer a glass but you can also go for their stellar cocktails – we tried a chilly infused signature and a fruity one with a fresh orchid.
Wildfire (16)Wildfire (17)
Salad course – rocket leaves, red radish, zucchini, grilled chicken, horseradish dress and dusted with crushed olives. Topped with parmesan cheese crisps, the salad is a super refreshing bite to start with.
Wildfire (13)

Salad with Parmesan crispy

Tomato reduction soup – a creamy tomato soup cooked to a simmered delectation to really work up your appetite.
Wildfire (15)
Meats – Linguica – pork sausages grilled to perfection, Paleta de Cordeiro – New Zealand lamb with a tenderness of spices and a tinge of mint, Frango Com Bacon – tender chicken thigh wrapped with smoked bacon, Coxa de Frango – Chicken leg infused with a special seasoning mix, Petito de Pato – French duck with rock salt, orange and tobasco, Salmon – with lime, chilly, garlic and paprika. The meats are excellently prepared juicy and grilled to perfection and exquisite to bits. My favourite were the pork sausages and the New Zealand lamb.
Wildfire (18)

Grilled pork sausages

Mains – Feijoada – the traditional black bean sauce is made with pork and pork by products with. This is however a vegetarian version of the same – black beans, rice, grilled vegetables and mushrooms. The black bean stew is quite delish and loaded with flavors.
Wildfire (24)

Feijoada – Brazilian black bean stew

My most favourite part was the grilled pineapple – the use being dual fold – the pineapple not only acts as a dessert but also as a digestive. The chocolate popsicles reminded me of school days – served in a fancy ice work, the chocolate lusciousness was superbe.

Wildfire (27)
Grilled pinapple

Wildfire (28)

Chocolate ice balls

You absolutely cannot miss out on their sausages, lamb and pineapple and ofcourse, uncouth the savories of the Brazilian menu.
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